Why Play Free Realms?

Perhaps a better title for this post would be – why am I playing since I plan to explain why this game appeals to me (and maybe you the reader, too). I’ve been gaming for 7 years now, not a great length of time but I’d say every single MMO I’ve played has revolved around one ‘main’ feature with little sub components tossed in. It’s not hard to guess what this is, either. EQ, EQ2, VG, LotRO, WAR, even Wizard 101. These games all revolve around a ‘hack and slash’ motive. Killing the ‘bad guys’ and leveling up by defeating encounters. Yes, there is also some crafting in there, some housing, card games, and other unique bits to each game but the main focus has been and will continue to be leveling up through defeating various encounters.

After years of playing hack and slash games I find it VERY refreshing to find a game that I (so far) enjoy, that does NOT revolve around hack and slash if I do not want it to. I can still get cool outfits, I can still feel as though I am making progress through ‘levels’ I can still explore and see every bit of the world without having to fight a single thing if I choose. No, it’s not my ideal game obviously but it’s a start. It also gives me a much needed break from the other titles that I play.

I have had comments in the past that ‘blame’ it on me being female, and adverse to blood and guts but I don’t think that’s what it is. I’ve done my fair share of ‘pwning newbs’ and raiding, I’ve cackled and felt the thrill of the chase in BG’s and Scenarios. I can appreciate those aspects of games – but there’s so much constant fighting. I’ll admit it, it gets to me after a while.

Sure, you may find that Free Realms is not challenging enough. You may think it’s aimed for small children based on the bright colours and cheerful atmosphere, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find something on some level that appeals to you just like I have. After 7 years of taking down dragons and running over orcs, goblins, skeletons, elves, and any other manor of creature I am more then ready to lay down the sword from time to time and find a new way to explore.

Sound Crazy? Maybe.

This does not make me any less of a gamer (at least, not in my opinion). I don’t want things easier, either. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m just feeling glad at the idea that I don’t have to bash someones brains in and steal their weapons in order to progress through an MMO and explore a world.

Plus, my cat Princess (pictured above) looks awesome in her new pirate gear. You’ve got to admit.

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  1. UberGeek says:

    I’ve just started playing FreeRealms, and the two things that held me back from diving into MMPORGs was the hack and slash (Sorry, played enough AD&D to learn to appreciate questing) and the monthly fee all of them required AFTER buying the box.

    If I wanted to do nothing but hack and slash, I’d play a FPS. Looking in fantasy genre, the questing should be first, with the hack and slash to come as a side note.

    FreeRealms, small download, F2P. Heck, I’ll probably even pay the $5 month to get full membership. And maybe even buy some card packs. The card game reminds me of M:TG, so it might get me back into CCG’s too.

  2. Blackluck says:

    I’m a guy, and I enjoy non-killing content in MMOs as well (although Free Realms doesn’t appeal to me; nonetheless I hope it does well.)
    I did enjoy A Tale in the Desert back in the day. No combat whatsoever. It had some fairly intricate crafting and puzzles.

    I personally enjoyed the beetle breeding that game had. It ranks as my favorite MMO activity of all time…

  3. Jennifer says:

    I agree that an MMO that offers advancement outside of hack’n’slash mechanics is a welcome change. I’m a lady also, though, and perhaps that’s to “blame” as you said. But, like you, I have also enjoyed my fair share of pwning noobs, so it’s not as though I’m averse to the gore or the bloodlust aspect of it. It’s just that it’s all so tedious and similar. Killing a foozle in one game is the same as killing a foozle in another; the difference is in the way I kill it from game to game, but the end result remains.

    Nevertheless, I’m not sure if I love Free Realms just yet. I gave it a shot today, and hope to explore some more over the next week. I’m trying to determine if getting a membership is necessary in order to enjoy the game. I don’t want to get a membership if I am not going to like it, but how will I know if I’ll like it or not if most of the good stuff is reserved for members? But I digress.

    I love your kitty! I took a puppy for a walk this afternoon and tried to teach it a trick, but I couldn’t master the mouse gestures. Looking forward to checking that and more out as I go through.

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