New Servers up on Free Realms

It’s always nice to see growth in games – and as I took a peek at Free Realms today I noticed a choice of 6 servers rather then two. Hopefully I’ll have some friends kicking around as well if the chat servers are fixed that is.

Anyone know how the server system works? Can you see your friends online on other servers? Can you change server mid game? Or are you required to switch to join your friends who may happen to be on another server? Let me know, thank you!

2 Responses to New Servers up on Free Realms

  1. Lars says:

    Yeah, I remember it says you can switch. That’s a great feature. I wish that were possible for EQ2!

  2. Kasul says:

    Switching servers in game should be possible, it was one of the things Brasse raved about in the article she wrote for Beckett last issue. It sounded very much like the Wizard 101 method where you can teleport to someone on your friends list regardless of server.

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