Working on Epics and Instances

Ultann managed to get his inquisitor epic in two days. I was really happy for him but frustrated at the difference in ‘ease’ as far as epics go. Some are very easy to get (I finished the coercer one in a single day) and others are painstakingly long especially when you take into count the different pre-requisites they may have.

I’m trudging along with the mystic and illusionist epic though and I’m confident that some day I’ll get them. We’ll just have to see.

Yesterday evening was the first chunk of play time I’ve had steady in a bit, so the trio headed to instances of course. First on our list? Maidens. Now, we’ve never cleared this zone as a trio before, mostly because my enchanter at the time was too small to hold down the adds for Sandstorm as well as the sisters.

Yesterday it went flawlessly and we took down sandstorm (with four adds up) as well as the sisters (on the 2nd attempt, first attempt we had the order wrong) without any real issues. I was exceptionally happy because the zone is also one I need for the illusionist epic, and I’m glad that we can trio it. Plus some pretty fantastic loot drops there.

Speaking of loot for once it was on our side! No, we didn’t get any gear upgrades to drop but for once a few masters did. One of which being my all important power / health buff for the mystic. Premonition. I was so very excited. This spell typically goes for a huge amount of money. Ultann also managed to get his group taunt to drop, and a few masters dropped for folks to sell.

Once we were finished in Maidens we headed to Vaults, and then to our good friend Obelisk of Ahkzul which refused to drop the healer shield (again). We spent a little time in Chelsith but that zone is so incredibly long and the Leviathans tend to drop nothing but treasured so we like to avoid it. I wish it followed the ‘named will drop legendary’ rule but alas it does not. This zone COULD be so wonderful if just a few tweaks were made.

All in all it was a great night, and I had a lot of fun. Here’s hoping tonight is more of the same! See you in Norrath!

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  1. R'ron says:

    I for one I am glad that there are days and zones where no loot drops that anyone can use or just vendor junk.. Otherwise, what incentive would have anyone running zones if they are all geared up in no time? It is hard as heck to find groups as it is…unless one is in a large guild where there are guild groups active. Chelsit is one of the zones I like most perticular for its vast size and the challenge it takes for a “low gear” group to run.


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