Runnyeye The Gathering (and of course others)

I was feeling slightly more like myself yesterday and the trio gathered together for some instance goodness. We decided to do something completely new for us and we headed to Enchanted Lands to take on Runnyeye: The Gathering (RE2).

It had been a while since I had done the zone, and my partners in crime (shadowknight and conjuror) had never been there at all. I played the illusionist on the pc and put the mystic on the laptop, Ultann played the MT (main tank) and played Nocbot (inquisitor) on his laptop. Essentially we were a group of five, with the two healers on autofollow. What could possibly go wrong, right?

Well, by the end of it I was quite surprised.

We managed to beat the entire zone except the last encounter with the 4^ and the epic x2. We took down Slamhammer on the 2nd run (after dying to the million hammers before). We took down the mob that spawns noxious gas clouds also on the 2nd run once we found a better strat for our boxed healers. Everything else was a 1st pull 1st kill experience.

We didn’t get anything of note, none of the fabled cloaks dropped (which would have been so nice) and no gear was an upgrade but it was still exceptionally satisfying to be able to take down those sorts of encounters in that particular zone with just our group.We all got a few aa, and managed to complete a few quests relating to the zone. I’ll have to remember to pick up the two quests we missed outside of the zone next time.

Now we’ve been able to clear all of the RoK instances (we headed back to Vaults and Maidens after RE2 to clear those) as well as RE2 and a few TSO instances. Next? We’re going to attempt to clear the guk TSO instances. Or see how far we can get through them in any case. I try to keep a positive outlook even when I think we’re going to get completely owned, so it will be interesting to see how things go. I keep reminding myself that we’re not exactly the best geared players out there, we have a mixture of TSO T2 gear and dropped jewelery, a few masters (with myself far behind in that department, I have one master spell). Again, this is a great indication that you do NOT have to be fully raid geared (or raid geared at all) in order to complete these things. Talent does surpass all else in the rare occassion. This idea is something I welcome openly.

In case you had not heard yet, player housing goes LIVE in Wizard 101 TODAY! That’s some pretty exciting news right there. It’s the only thing I wish we had in Free Realms too (which I spent a bit of time playing yesterday).

I hope everyone else had an exciting Tuesday, don’t forget Mother’s Day is Sunday!

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