Taking in the View

Ever have one of those days where you log into game with visions of grandeur about all the things you’d love to finish off and accomplish, and then actually get none of them done? Well, that was me yesterday. I was hoping to finish off some writs but I only managed to get a few done before I was side tracked into something else.

The trio headed off to Crypt of Agony in the hopes that perhaps Ultann’s fabled range item would drop (or the Cardiocutter!) but alas neither of them made an appearance. The instance was still great fun though, and the illusionist managed to finally (remember she’s power leveled and quite far behind) get enough aa to pick up time compression, which made a huge difference in the groups over all DPS. We blew through the instance quite fast.

Pictured above is the Oracle Tower in Antonica, one of my favorite locations. It’s huge once you get up close, and I just absolutely love the way it was designed. Of course at the top is the zone in to the isle of refuge and Darathar. There’s a few quests that involve the Oracles down below as well though I’m not certain that I’ve ever completed them.

I want to get back into the swing of doing some of the older quests that you can find in the shattered lands, it’s been a while and while they may not be as fancy as the quests that are out in TSO (Moors) or RoK, they do give you that Nostalgic feeling that’s always important, especially lately it seems.

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