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I’ll admit, lately in EQ2 there hasn’t really been anything new going on. Not the fault of the game since there has obviously been some updates (Lavastorm revamp, new raid zones, etc) but I haven’t actually gotten involved in any of it which is odd for me. I did the level 40-50 solo quests in Lavastorm so that I could purchase the armor molds (they look amazing) on my bard, but have not done any of the higher end Lavastorm quests. I have never set foot in the x2 Ward of Elements, and I have not completed the TSO quest chains in Moors because, well. Just because.

I did head back down to Crypt of Agony with Wpus and Ultann last night to see if the ranged item would finally drop (which it did not) though the drops were not completely horrible as we saw a fair number of legendary. No Cardiocutter either though I wasn’t surprised at that.

Eventually I should work on obtaining my epic weapon for the illusionist, but the thought of killing 100 yah-li and purchasing a bunch of T8 crafted furniture really doesn’t appeal to my gamer self compared to the coercer epic that I completed in a day. I wish there was not such a huge variance in between the difficulty levels of epics.

Now, one bit of interesting news that did come up is that Thom Terrazas is taking over as the new Producer for EverQuest. If you subscribe to Beckett MOG you may recognize his name this month from an interview I did with the Vanguard team back in February (the article will be in the next issue of Beckett MOG due to release at the end of May). I absolutely loved his passion for Vanguard (at the time of the interview) and I have no doubt that he will carry this passion over to EverQuest. In fact I enjoyed interviewing the entire Vanguard team an incredible amount, they were very open and easy to talk to. I was a little surprised (ok, maybe not) that he didn’t mention Vanguard at all in his opening talk about joining on with EverQuest, I suppose Vanguard is a dirty word that shouldn’t be said too much (even though I really do love that game).

I need to get back into some crafting, and doing some decorating some time. That usually refreshes my mood about things. The guild is creeping closer to level 30, and a new guild hall should be on the way shortly after that (which I know Wpus and Ultann are really looking forward to). It will be nice to port from our own hall instead of smuggling ourselves into the T3 ones in Antonica and Commonlands to locate a guild who has their ports open to the public.

See you in Norrath!

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