Kurn’s Tower to hit EQ2 (FINALLY)

You can read about it yourself over on this teaser article via the EQ2player forums but it is indeed true! Kurn’s Tower (as well as a few other instances) are making their way back to EQ2! I know players have been waiting a LONG time for this update, and it should be met with much happiness.

Not only is Kurn’s coming back in GU52 (also being called Monument and Might), but there are going to be over 80 new quests added to RoK zones, a new x2 dungeon, a new zone in Jarsath Wastes, the player written books, and even more goodies.

This looks like it’s going to be an amazing update!

3 Responses to Kurn’s Tower to hit EQ2 (FINALLY)

  1. Sweet :) I loved Kurn’s Tower in EQ1 – looking forward to it in EQ2!

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