Another Great Thursday Night

Yesterday EQ was down for a few hours (as it was on Wednesday) for a few changes, and when the game came back up Ninga and myself headed to Lower Guk to see if we couldn’t snag a named or two that may have been up after the restart. Lucky for us, both the assassin and the supplier were up in the cuby we had been camping before, so we brought out the mercenary and made quick work of each.

The supplier dropped a 90% weight reduction bag, not incredibly amazing nor was it bad. The assassin who dropped my darkened guise of the deceiver the night before this time was sporting the darkened serrated bone dirk – which procs a very nice snare. It was a huge upgrade to my rogue who has been sporting some less then optimal daggers for a very long time now. I haven’t played her seriously in a number of years and she normally just gets items that would other wise rot.

A quick glance towards frenzy (which was camped) and we decided to scope out the Unrest revamp for a little while before it got to crowded. We camped on the roof of the mansion itself, a great view to watch all of the other players camping around, and it also allowed us one named (Reclaimed hand I believe, or something similar) that dropped a nice bracelet and a ring. We also got a few patterns to the glowing othni armor which I will pass down to an alt I believe. We scrounged up the hat, boots, and gloves. The gear is better then the defiant stuff, but not as amazing as regular drops, either way it’s upgrades to me.

When we had our fill of Unrest (which came sooner rather then later, that zone fills up fast) we headed to The Buried Sea to work on a hand augment quest that requires 20+ tasks. We managed to complete nine of the tasks, and have another 18 to go I believe. Basically each task rewards you a body part, and then you can purchase a container from an npc and combine those body parts into lesser augments. Then you can take those and combine them (from what I understand) into a super augment. It’s basically another quest that will remind you a lot of Breakdown in Communication which was another monster sized quest.

Since I haven’t spent a great deal of time in The Buried Sea I had a lot of fun, even though some of the camps are exceptionally long – especially if you’re doing the quest with friends and they all need updates. Ninga and I managed to move on to the next portion though and I was happy to do so.

I called it an early night (around 10) not wanting to over do things. Hopefully this weekend I’ll be getting some more much needed spring cleaning done and turning my balcony outside into a small garden with an area for reading / writing. We’ll see how that goes. I hope everyone has an amazing Friday, see you in Norrath!

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