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One thing I enjoy about the TSO instances that a lot of people on Kithicor don’t take advantage of is the fact that you can start doing a lot of them mentored down to level 50. I realize a lot of people mentor down to grey out a zone in order to complete the shard quests, but yesterday Wpus, Ultann, myself and Hamal (newly betrayed to assassin) headed to The Necrotic Asylum in Commonlands mentored down to level 55 and did the zone as it was meant to be done.

There a few benifits in doing the zone this way – if you’ve never been to the zone before as a level 80 you can learn how to defeat the encounters. I’d never been here on any of my characters before aside from doing shard quests that don’t require you to complete the zone. It was a lot of fun, and the encounters are still quite difficult at level 55.

The sign that not many people take advantage of this aspect of the instances came from the fact that we made four discoveries while in the zone – a zone that has been out since November of last year. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but I’m sure on servers that have a greater number of players below 80 they would have already discovered those items.

It rewarded a shard and some nice gear for Hamal, as well as aa and my dirge managed to inch her way to 75. I’ve stopped grinding her experience for the last little while, being a little burnt out from it and trying (and failing) to focus on the enchanter and mystic combo.

We all had great fun none the less. Before heading off to Necrotic we went to Solusek Eye and wandered around the zone taking down named. One was an epic x2 that rewarded a nice master and a piece of gear. Aside from that the day was fairly quiet, spending some time to decorate the guild and wondering what I should work on next. I’m far behind in achievements on both of my characters, while Wpus and Ultann are almost finished with theirs. Even though GU52 is a few weeks off (not even on test yet) I am looking forward to the changes that will be coming, as well as the new instances.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Sunday, if you live in Canada chances are you have a holiday tomorrow – take advantage of it! I’ll see you in Norrath.

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  1. I’ve resubscribed to EQ2 so I think I’ll definitely take your advice and mentor down to check out all of the TSO instances. I’m looking forward to GU52 too! Kurn’s tower FTW :P

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