One more Trophy Joins the Hall

There are very few trophies a guild of three people (four since Kasul has started playing more) can obtain unless we start running raids ourselves which is always a possibility but I think that remains a very faint possibility. There are a select few that we are able to get ourselves. We already had Darathar and Gynok (who was a mistake I believe, as he dropped for us out of the group instance) and last night obtained our third trophy – Godking. The raid for Godking used to be really hard back in the day. It’s an instance located in Silent City, which is all but deserted these days. You used to need access to even enter the zone, as well as access to Silent City. The access to Silent City was fairly easy, obtained by completing a quest in Living Tombs, given to you by a monkey who hangs out right at the entrance. You kill multiple named which could take a while as their spawn timers were not that friendly, but it was still a fairly easy quest.

The access to The Fountain of Life (where Godking resides) on the other hand – not so easy.

Every time my guild said they were going to ‘farm eyes’ for the Godking raid, suddenly multiple ‘thunderstorms’ would show up and people would start losing connection all over the place, real life would suddenly intrude, and a million other reasons why people could not be online during that particular time. Farming eyes was long, boring, and not fun whatsoever. What’s worse is you needed to farm eyes EVERY single time you wanted to attempt Godking and he is used for the Prismatic 2.0 quest finale, so guilds liked to go there often.

However, access to Godking has been removed, you no longer need to farm eyes. We zoned into the Fountain of Life with no problems. It’s a single beautiful room with peacock feathers everywhere, a long river of green ‘life juice’ that spawns skeleton adds, and various named that you have to defeat in order to get the Godking to spawn. Actually, he ‘saves’ you from the named you’re trying to defeat, and they vanish before your eyes, leaving just him.

Since the trophies are a body drop (thank you sony) we were able to obtain ours even though we have out leveled the zone. I realize that this may be looked at as being unfair, but it’s really nice that there are at least SOME trophies that a smaller guild can obtain without having to mass together 24 people. Leave the bigger / better trophies to the bigger guilds.

There’s an amazing painting that hangs behind Godking which I really wish were available to players. You’ll know the one I’m talking about if you’ve ever set foot in the fountain. It’s absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately I was too busy gawking at it to actually take a screen shot, so maybe next time.

Afterwards Ultann had to head out for a bit, so Wpus decided to mentor Hamal in Sinking Sands, where they spotted two epics (Brog the Banished, and Meathooks) that we could kill for achievements. We managed to down Brog with just three of us and no healer (yes he was green but none of us aside from Wpus is that well geared) and then I logged the healer in to take down Meathooks which is a x3. Neither dropped anything at all aside from treasured (ew, why is that not fixed?!) nor did they reward any guild status as other contested epics do, but they did grant achievement points. Better then nothing I suppose.

It was getting late by the time that was finished, so I did a quick search on the broker for master spells – my paladin is going to be the next character I try to hit level 80 with I believe, and I found her defensive stance for sale for 70 plat in Freeport. There are a few things I know every tank should try to obtain, stances, and taunts. I’ve never spent that much money on a single spell before, but a stance is a great thing. My offensive stance was also for sale for another 75p but alas after purchasing that one I was down to 50p – most of my money is still on Najena and not Kithicor. Another time perhaps!

It felt nice to get my first ‘real’ upgrade for the paladin, an important one at that. She’s sitting at level 72 (with lackluster aa might I add, a mesely 58) and that is the level of the stance. We’ll see how leveling goes, but I’m excited about it. Even if I don’t have the recruit a friend bonus any longer.

I hope everyone else has an amazing day, and I’ll see you in Norrath! I’m looking forward to doing some tanking.

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  1. Kendricke says:

    The “painting” is actually a mural of the goddess Anashti’Sul before her fall from grace. In the mural you saw, she’s still the Prime Healer, a goddess of the heirarchy of Influence, charged with overseeing life and healing. She took her role so seriously that she eventually sought a cure for death itself, unwittingly creating the first undead. For this reason, the full pantheon of gods decreed that Anashti’Sul would be stricken from existence itself – a punishment which resulted in her floating within the Void.

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