Vanguard Patch Notes – Level Cap Raised to 55!

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

Vanguard Build 2427. 0 Patch Notes
Halls of the Pantheon

The Halls of Pantheon is finally here. The first part of the great architect Artera’s story has finally been released and now is your chance to prove to the gods of Telon you are worthy of their blessings. Within the halls you will be asked to do many things as you increase your favor with the gods until finally correcting the imbalance of creation and unlocking the path that leads into the halls of shattered souls and the truth behind the gods of Telon and their years of silence. It is up to you adventurers, crafters, and diplomats to unlock the secrets within the halls and prove once again that the inhabitants of Telon are a force to be reckoned with.

Feature Details:

  • 200 new quests
  • 1000+ new items
  • 2 new flying mounts
  • Choose your alignment and reap the rewards
  • Find out the truth behind the schemes of Kamelott
  • Become a god warrior and unlock the way to the Halls of Shattered Souls
  • Craft enhancements making them more powerful
  • Craft god armor
  • Craft a unique epic weapon for each class
  • New item mods
  • New resistances

Level Increase

  • New level cap is 55
  • 95 new abilities
  • Spell crafting added
  • Item levels increased
  • New crafting related quest series


  • Bow max ranges have been reduced.
  • Fixed an issue where the Kamelott Rucksack had slots when it was not supposed too.
  • Fixed haste buff on panther mask to increase attack speed and not decrease it.
  • KDQ crates can now only be opened in Kamelott’s landing
  • Fixed an issue with fireseed refresh discrepancy


  • All counterattacks now have a minimum endurance/mana cost.
  • Stroke of Fervor now has an endurance cost
  • Stroke of Conviction now has an endurance cost
  • All rogue abilities requiring piercing now properly check for the dagger in the main hand.
  • Accuracy buffs should now properly buff spell accuracy
  • Fixed an issue where some abilities that were supposed to only modify the refresh haste of modular attacks were affecting other modular abilities
  • Fixed the Halfling racial (FINALLY!!!)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented minions from assisting properly as intended.
  • Dementia now has a max target limit
  • Hewing the Mountain now buffs your group for 10 seconds or 1 attack
  • The Dark elf racial has been modified.
  • Warrior offensive form should once again have its accuracy bonus
  • Fixed an issue where abilities affected by zeal would not display added attack damage.
  • Time Trick 2 should now work like 1 and 3
  • Fixed an issue with quelling winds it should actually work now.
  • Treeshape will now wipe hate while it is in effect.
  • Many secret chains should now display their icons again.
  • The body enhancement buffs from KDQ should no longer wear off


  • All corpses now last 2 hours max
  • Paladins should now have archery skill
  • A camp of KDQ agents has popped up near the Bridge of Destiny.
  • All npcs in KDQ should now drop tier 6 skins
  • Tier 6 metal can now be harvested in SOD
  • Mobile Power suit should work correctly now
  • Fixed an issue with caps that has been around for the past few years. Many items and ability caps should now work properly.
  • Updated the character sheet to show new resist types.
  • Added new hairstyles for most races.
  • Thinned out the density of the bridge NPCs just a little.
  • Fix for escrow items having incorrect prices show up
  • All exp debt has been wiped.
  • All exp into 50 has been reset to 0.
  • All brotherhood exp has been reset.
  • All tombstones have been sent to escrow.
  • Adjusted the loot tables of Yerkj & Rinipin. They will now only drop 1 class specific item per kill.
  • The Ruined Jharuu Sword and Runed Jharuu Sword are now longswords.
  • Synchronize now works with the Summoners Cap of Control version of Time Trick.
  • An altar has been added to IOG
  • Zyxil and omac have had their pathing adjusted
  • Yiminil no longer roams.


  • KDQ quest rewards have had their monetary amount reduced.
  • Fix for quests not abandoning properly sometimes when expired


  • Karax is now level 59
  • Karax loot tables have been overhauled due to his level increase.


  • Kaius Rufish and his excavation team have work for skilled crafters in the Pantheon.
  • Shajin Graywine is doing research in the Pantheon and is requesting help from talented diplomats.
  • Geoffery Wallsten in New Targonor has a new rumor about an artisan’s treasure from long ago. Interested crafters should seek him out.
  • An informant in the Pantheon named Delroz is willing to trade prestige for lore in the Pantheon to diplomats.
  • Skilled diplomats can parley the avatars of the gods in the Pantheon.

Known issues

  • The last hair selection for those races that received new hairstyle has an issue. Please try not to select this or you may see some funkiness with your avatar’s hair.

3 Responses to Vanguard Patch Notes – Level Cap Raised to 55!

  1. Hudson says:

    I did the opposite. I am tired of casual games and the entire post WoW MMO community that wants it easy.

    I left LOTRO and WoW and re-upped my Station Pass to go back to a more hardline MMO gaming experience. I miss EQ1 and have for years. I am tired of trying to replace those memories so I will just go back.

    Started a guild in EQ2 with some people also. Then i patched and reinstalled Vanguard which I won’t play too much but figured I would give it ONE more shot not to be completely boring.

  2. Mcduffy says:

    I left both EQs for Vanguard because I detested having to jump through their hoops or complete certain quests to gain access to areas or take advantage of game additions. Now I hear that simply earning my levels is not enough to earn new abilities/spells in Vanguard any more. Instead I must jump through their hoops via very expensive crafting and questing with groups (again).

    I enjoy casual play. I like to solo and explore. My schedule does not allow long commitments to raids and such. After turning level 50 I felt quite abandoned as a casual player since nearly all of their added high end content was multi-player only. I hung in there hoping to see some reason to keep playing my 50 toons.

    Guess not! It seems they only want my money if I am ‘hard core’. I for one will be only too happy to bow out and spend my money on games where fun is still the main goal and not seeing how difficult they can make your playtime. I, for one have plenty of difficulty in my personal life. I expect my recreation to be relaxing and rewarding, not frustrating.

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