All in the Roll of the Dice

It’s bonus experience weekend due to Monday being a holiday in the states (have a wonderful day off!) and EQ2 has 50% bonus for both tradeskilling and adventuring, while EQ has doubled their experience so you have 100% bonus. Yesterday my dirge managed to inch her way to level 77 and part way through, which also meant she had some new gear to wear that I had stashed away. She’s got quite a bit of things from our daily instance runs that I have just been waiting to use.

Speaking of daily instance runs – CoA again nothing that we’re trying to get dropped. No Farseer, no burdened signet, no cardiocutter. At least we’ve seen the burdened signet once. We also headed to Maidens where surprisingly enough the gi of the swifttail dropped for a second time (the fabled one from the sisters) but of course since we got it yesterday there was no need for it any more (until Hamal can use it and he wasn’t around) so we just sold it to vendor. The Gift of the Queen fabled ring is what I’m after in particular from that zone, though I know there are a few other nice items. We’ve yet to see them.

Which is alright, it means we spend more time finishing the instances in the hopes that (one day) the items we need from each drop. Since the bonus experience this weekend is for crafters and adventurers alike, I may spend some time trying to get my provsioner a few levels. Of course then there’s the fact that my bard is fairly close to 80 and wouldn’t it be nice to get that finished off – as well as my paladin who is sitting at level 73 currently.

It’s fun to be in Kylong Plains doing the beginner RoK quests at level 77 as opposed to level 69. Since my characters lately have all been power leveled up through the ranks they have a huge lack of aa and being able to kill at level 77 is a lot faster then had I attempted it at a lower level. Though my gear is not exactly up to snuff (yet) and things can still hurt if I have too many at once. I do have all of my bards adept3’s which is a blessing. Paladin has her 71+ ones as well – and I managed to purchase her defensive stance master for 70p a few days ago (I forget if I mentioned it here or not, I probably did).

No doubt this weekend will see lots of gaming in both EQ and EQ2 and maybe some others thrown in there just because. We’ll see how it goes. I hope everyone has an amazing Saturday, and I’ll see you in Norrath!

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