Wrapping up the Weekend

Figures that the one screen shot I actually take yesterday has my dirge with her eyes closed – but I really wanted to show off the newest trophy our little guild of three+1 added yesterday! We managed to spot Vision of Vox up in Permafrost (we’ve been waiting for her all week) and while Ultann was out raiding Leviathan (with a pick up raid) Wpus and I decided we would try to duo this magnificent creature: me tanking on my 73 paladin which is a fairly scary thought right there.

I boxed the mystic and stood in the hallway just gazing at the dragon. I’ve never fought her before, and she’s still intimidating even if she cons gray. I knew only one thing about this encounter and that was she spawns adds. I had no idea how many.

We begun the fight easily enough, bolster, lots of shards handed out. Then the adds came.

They didn’t stop! At one point in time it seemed like we had 100’s of adds all raining down on us. Giants, elementals, other dragons even at the end. It was pretty fun. We were starting to get a little low on power (remember, this is an epicx4 and we consisted of a paladin, conjuror, and mystic) and I started to get worried that we wouldn’t be able to defeat her but slowly, ever so slowly, we managed to work her down. It was an epic battle and I was VERY happy to get the trophy added to our small (but very proud) collection. Next we’re trying to catch Venekor (the contested one in Cazic Thul) up so that we can add that trophy to the collection. The rest will take a little more finesse, it will require winning the item in a pick up raid, or running a raid of our own, so we’ll see how that goes.

The dirge hit level 80! I also had enough shards saved up for three pieces of T1 gear for her, so I quickly had my mystic make the pants, gloves, and hat. We ran Crypt of Agony and JUST as we were about to take down the final mob my power went out randomly for an hour. Thankfully I have a fantastic group of friends and they waited for me just in case that Cardiocutter dropped. Which it did not but that’s besides the point at least they waited.

We ended the evening on a high note and picked up a warlock for a deep forge run – we died on the final boss (once) because both of my characters died (I was standing in the wrong spot) and the 2nd healer was ported into the lava – but once we explained to the warlock that two of us were boxing (the main tank playing his healer and me on my dirge playing the other healer) he developed a little bit of patience and we took down the encounter on the second pull. Nothing of any use dropped, but we did get two shards from the zone at least, not all was lost.

Today I’ll be getting the dirge epic started (and maybe even completed depending on how the day goes) as well as working on my upcoming Beckett articles (deadlines in early June). Aside from that it should be a fairly quiet day. I’m looking forward to progressing the dirge and getting her some more upgrades – I did purchase two level 80 masters yesterday that were fairly cheap.

OH! Almost forgot. Have you taken a look yet at all of the new goodies that are coming with GU52? Well, takes a loot at EQ2 Traders Corner for all of the fantastic (not yet on test but shall be soon) items. Look at those furniture items down at the bottom, don’t those just look absolutely fantastic? Not to mention, look at those player created books! The designs are amazing – and WHO wouldn’t be excited about the revamp to those tailor made charms and throwing pouches? I know this update is not yet on test – but I’m exceptionally excited!

See you in Norrath!

5 Responses to Wrapping up the Weekend

  1. Grump says:

    I really like the trophy system, fighting Vox and Darathar (back in the day) were some pretty big accomplishments for the guild I was in. It was fun to go back and fight them again for old times sake. We have all, save for the Djinn master’s head, we just haven’t had a chance to go in and kill him.

  2. Taymar says:

    LOL well she looks hot! My ranger has a gi too (she wears it for tradeskilling) – they are the best looking outfits in the game in my opinion :)

  3. stargrace says:

    The outfit is the Gi of the Jarsath Swifttail, comes from the 3 sisters in Maidens Chambers (which the bard has actually never done, I do it on my illusionist for the mez’s and then relogged for the loot). Wearing a player crafted bow as well the Di’zok bow of flame (faction made) and I have her weapons hidden. There’s a monk cap that pretty much everyone can wear that I’d like to get for her too, she has some identity issues *grins*

  4. Taymar says:

    What a good idea to go after the lower tier mobs too – I am gonig to start nagging my guild. Your dirge’s outfit is GORGEOUS – what is it?

  5. Dlangar says:

    I had no idea you could collect trophies from the epic monsters in the game and place them in your player (guild?) housing. Another thing EQ2 does that I think is absolute genius. I’ve never been one to go crazy over furniture and strict vanity items, but you have to recognize the draw of being able to display trophies from kills you participated in. I haven’t played EQ2 since the very earliest days of its release, but it’s always been a game that amazes me with some of the most advanced guild and player community structures of any MMO around.

    Oh and Vision is gorgeous. :) Though you really have to work on not blinking when the camera flashes.. ;)


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