Moving Forward

I miss raiding. There I said it!

I haven’t done any serious raiding since just shortly after RoK came out (Taking down T1 and some T2 encounters but nothing more) for whatever reasons. I was tired of ‘the grind’ and the guild drama was more then I wanted to handle. During EoF I was a pretty serious raider, I got discoveries on Emerald Halls gear and when we defeated Chel’Drak for the first time (and I blogged about that of course) it was one of the most exciting things I’d ever done in game. The problem is I’ve never really had a raider mentality. Yes, I enjoy defeating encounters but no I don’t like the attitude that comes with it (typically, not always).

I’ve also never wanted to be a part of a guild simply because they raid – I enjoy gaming with friends and being close to those I explore the game with. Unfortunately asking for 23 other close friends doesn’t really happen.

So, those of us in our tiny guild of 3+1 have decided to try to seek out an alliance on Kithicor. We consist of a Shadowknight (or inquisitor), Conjuror, Assassin, and myself as either the dirge, illusionist, or mystic depending on which is wanted (but not all three, and I’d rather stick with one constant and not swap out every time). So far we’ve had a few hits. I also suggested we tag along on one of the (many) pick up raids that happen on our server.

There’s a few down sides. While I’m not sure about other servers I’d say almost 80% of Kithicor level 80’s already have their mythical. It’s VERY common. I don’t fall under that category which is a slight disadvantage. Every WoE raid I’ve heard looking for more is constantly searching for folks with their mythical.

A lot of people on Kithicor are also rude and obnoxious and if I had to stand in the same room as them let alone the same raid there’s no telling where that would lead. I don’t say that jokingly either. I’ve played extensively on Lucan D’Lere, Antonia Bayle, Najena, and Oasis, as well as Kithicor (we’re talking 6 months to a year or more on each) and Kithicor is by far the worst server I have ever played on. We (as in the little crowd I play with) are eagerly awaiting open server transfers or some other such miracle so we can move back to a ‘better’ server. In the mean time we wait (and turn off channels).

Speaking of which – last night our little guild of 3+1 managed to ding level 35! Ultann, Wpus, and I headed to Jarsath Wastes to grind out writs. It took approx. 4-5 rounds of Kylong Plains writs to get our level but when we finally did (and purchased two more amenity quite happily might I add) it was fantastic. The guild hall now sports a mender and a depot box for harvests. This also allowed us to free up a LOT of space both in the guild bank and our personal banks where we had been hording supplies.

Now it’s a grind to level 40, where we’ll be able to purchase three more amenity, and unlock another row of guild banking. Hopefully it won’t take us too long to get there, the progress we’ve made so far has been fantastic.

I spent a lot of yesterday (aside from doing writs) working on clearing out my quest journal on Satia (the dirge). I went through each zone one at a time and completed all I could. Once that was finished I picked up some L&L (I have a grand total of ONE completed) and decided to work on those (along with language quests). Now I’ve got three lore and legend completed, orc, skeleton and gnoll.

My duo pair has switched up from the illusionist and the mystic to the dirge and the mystic now that the dirge is 80. I’ve always loved playing bards. Another Crypt of Agony run was made last night, and another failed attempt at getting either the Farseers Armguard or the Cardiocutter to drop. We’ll be getting back to shard runs shortly so that we can complete some sets which will be nice.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day, and I’ll see you in Norrath!

2 Responses to Moving Forward

  1. Kilanna says:

    *sigh* If we were on the same time zones and server I think you guys would REALLY love the atmosphere in the guild I am in. We raid but dont really have what I imagine is the typical hard core raider mindset. We love our gaming, we love progressing but not at any costs to any one player in our raid.

    We have lately been proposing an extra night each fortnight while we get our heads around the VP mobs – but we will NEVER kill a mob needed if one of our regulars cant attend that extra night. I love that our guild is big enough to be taking on some high content …. but small enough to still care about the people behind the avatar.

    I love raiding too – but not too much raiding. I love just kicking about with friends just like you mentioned :)

  2. Borgio says:

    Star if I could give you one of the Carotidcutters that drop on the multiple runs I do through CoA I would, they seem to rain down on me on Runnyeye. Keep on plodding and it might drop for you some time before the next expansion!

    Good to see you doing well.

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