A Quiet Night (They’re Good!)

I know, it’s an old screen shot of my halfling templar at home in her 1 room in Baubleshire. When I was flipping through my screen shot folder last night (typically I just stick to using fraps since it puts them all in one nice easy to find place) I noticed that I didn’t actually take any screen shots of the brief time I played EQ2, instead it was filled with Sims 3 and Wizard 101 (showing off that new pet dragon that came out with the latest issue of Beckett).

While I did spend a good portion of time playing in Sims 3 (maybe more about that later, I haven’t decided if I want to continue blogging about Sims 3 or just stick to the MMO’s) I also manged to squeeze a little EQ2 time in there. The guild hit level 40! WOW! A huge accomplishment for us that I was exceptionally happy about. This opened up three more amenity and we put them to good use. The guild is now sporting a gathering NPC, fuel merchant, and rush order writ NPC. It’s great to have these things in the hall and I was really excited that we managed to hit level 40 so soon after reaching level 30.

Once everyone was around it was time for a quick crucible run – there are still upgrades that the final boss drops although we didn’t see any of them last night. The illusionist did get a master spell to drop, but it was the level 80 doppelganger spell that I rarely use and I’m not even sure if there’s that much of a difference between the adept3 and m1 qualities. Ah well it was better then nothing.

I was feeling slightly sore so I spent the rest of the night working on my transmuting which hit 200/400. This means I can transmute up to and including level 45 items. I’m hoping that today I can get up to the point where I’m transmuting up to level 60, or maybe even further we’ll just have to see. It would be fantastic to have a transmuter around. The whole way I’ve been leveling off of lowbie items, using the T1 materials because it’s far cheaper then purchasing appropriate level items even if it does take forever.

This weekend should see me in multiple games once more, a little Vanguard and Wizard 101 for sure, as well as that beta event that everyone keeps talking about. Hard to believe that tomorrow is already Friday!

I hope everyone has an amazing day, and I’ll see you in Norrath!

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  1. Mythokia says:

    I wouldn’t mind some posts about Sims 3. I’ve got the game, but I’m not hooked yet and only managed about an hour so far, but it would be nice to hear about how you’re doing in it. It’s just as fun reading about someone’s game experience as actually playing it, and maybe even more so sometimes.

    So if Sims 3 is what you played all day, then a Sims 3 post it shall be!

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