So Many Games, So Little Time

A full blog post just isn’t working out for me today, so I’ll keep it short (for once). I didn’t get to play EQ2 at all yesterday due to work, meetings, and other things popping up (brother came down for the day) but I picked up the daily double to do at another time since you can keep them for a number of days. Started a few new games, can’t talk about one yet but I will as soon as I can. Princess (the cat) woke me up at 5:45 instead of 5:30 today, so that’s nice. She’s resorted to chewing apart the same book instead of 20 different ones, another bonus!

Next weekend is the Medieval Festival and work deadlines, so needless to say my posts will be sporadic and disjointed at best over the course of the following seven days. Once that weekend is over things should be able to settle back down to normal, and I won’t appear so harried and frantic. We’ll see!

Happy gaming where ever you play, and have yourselves a fantastic weekend.

5 Responses to So Many Games, So Little Time

  1. stargrace says:

    @Ogrebears I’m just running on default settings, but the game does look pretty amazing to me.

  2. Rowain says:

    I so know the feeling. I feel bad cause I haven’t touched EQ2 since Sims 3 came out on Tuesday.

  3. Ogrebears says:

    Your Sims 3 seems to look better than mine.

  4. Not enough time. Yep, rings a bell with me :) I wish I could only work for 4 hours a day and thus have enough spare time to actually do everything else in my life that I wanted! :)

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