That’s what Friends are For

I meant to mention this weeks ago but things have been a little frantic here. A little while ago Tipa brought my attention to an online contest being held on twitter. If you followed the great Merle Ambrose you would receive daily hints and clues to a puzzle he had that spelled out a word. By the final day when the flood gates opened, 100 players could enter that word into the Wizard 101 web site (log in with your account and you will see a section that says redeem card or code) and have a chance to win one of the pets they were giving away.

Well, I’ll be the first to admit that I slacked on figuring out the puzzle, but Tipa was kind enough to help me out, and so when the time came I rushed off to the web site and entered in the code, and managed to be lucky enough to find myself sporting the new death beetle pictured above. Emma is my Myth / Death wizard who I’ve been leveling up through wizard city getting all of the house items that I missed with my main Life / Storm wizard.

Now, the sad part of this story is that Tipa herself did not manage to win one of the pets. I felt absolutely horrible because she has been so kind to me and I only received one due to her helping me out, I was going to ask if there was any way I could give her the pet or transfer it to her some how.  I only have two pets in Wizard 101, and none of them were rare (though I have added a 3rd one that I will talk about another time) so while I was exceptionally excited to be able to show off the new rare pretty, I was also sad that she didn’t get one herself. She told me it was alright and she was happy that I was able to get one, but I was still disappointed.

No doubt there will be opportunities in the future, and hopefully we’ll see some more great prizes then.

As far as game play goes, the alt is reaching level 10, and owns a handful of house items now. I’m still trying to save up to purchase my first home, I only have access to the first two worlds in Wizard 101, and may have to call upon some friends (I’m looking at you two!) to help me reach the other areas. Of course until I raise another 3,000 gold there is no real rush anyhow.

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  1. I won this awesome pet too! It will certainly be interesting to see how KI handles this new era of social marketing and contests. I was able to get a death scarab for both myself and my kids. Now though ANYBODY can have the death scarab by entering in this code: specialgift. I was a little disappointed to hear that everyone can get the “rare” pet item. But it’s great that W101 is listening to their fans. My main pet now is my Wraith on my GM Necromancer. He rocks too!

    Did you join the contest on Facebook? 1000 gold was not a bad prize! I look forward to seeing your W101 posts.

    Fallon Shadowblade

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