A Little Bit of Everything

Another day of ‘not much going on in game’ since I was so busy doing other things on Friday but today should be a good day of gaming. I’ve been meaning to play a little more Sims 3, but haven’t managed to find the time (yet). Soon! I did dip into Wizard 101 for a fair amount yesterday, my Life / Storm wizard hit level 20 and did some awesome battles. I’ve also encountered a few dungeons now – that I can’t beat what so ever. It was still fun! I redeemed my facebook code and earned 1,000 gold which makes me able to afford the smaller house in Wizard City, but I’m thinking of saving up for a home of a different world. I haven’t quite decided yet. My Myth / Death wizard also managed to snag a few levels and is sitting just shy of level 10. I’ve been completing the Wizard City quests with her and she’s obtained some really awesome house items that the higher level wizard missed out on since they came after I’d completed the quests.

In EQ2 I plan on getting a few crafting levels (carpenter hopefully), doing a few instances (the boys should be around I believe, which will be great) and maybe I can finally get that transmuting up to 350+ which will let me begin to transmute T8 gear. Then it’s time for adornments!

What is everyone else up to this weekend? Any good games on the list? Once things have calmed down a little more I should have a little time in LotRO (I have a free month incoming) since that tapered down some. The game is great, but it just feels (to me) exactly like every other fantasy MMO out there, and I’m already playing three of those (EQ, EQ2, VG). I still love the look and love my character, but without an infinite amount of time to be able to play everything I want to play, something has to take a back seat.

Other then that, quiet weekend. Happy gaming and I’ll see you in Norrath!

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  1. Rob says:

    I recently found a 4th anniversary edition box of Lineage 2, which comes with 60 days of free time, for $10, so I have been trying to give the game a fair shake. So far I have had very little luck in doing so. In fact, I ended up restarting my Eq2 account and have been playing that a lot this weekend so far. Tonight I reinstalled guild wars and played a chunk of that, which I am really enjoying. However, I can feel a massive Eq2 binge coming on and since I have pretty much run my course with WoW until the next expansion, I see a lot of Eq2 in my future.

    I am currently subscribed to LOTRO as well, and I like the game, but like Stargrace, I just cannot seem to play it for more than a month at a time.

  2. Stargrace says:

    I tried RoM, didn’t like it at all. Too much like WoW (which is a game I can only stick with for a month or two at most before being sick of it).

  3. Jeremy S. says:

    Gaming, unfortunately, has taken a back seat for me, for a little while. I’m going through MMO withdrawal. My most played game is Runes of Magic. It’s the first game I can really get behind-even after playing WoW. RoM just shows so much promise, has a graphical look and fantasy style I like, and is growing rapidly. I’ll be getting back on it soon as its big Chapter 2 update is coming(in 2 parts- 1 in August, and the 2nd in September) bringing new maps, new instances and dungeons, trainable pets, 2 new classes, 1 new race, and more. It should be fun. Even though leveling is insanely easy, I find myself still sitting at 49/36 after 3 months, because I’m too preoccupied with crafting and the past “festivals” they’ve had.

    I also am itching to get back on Vanguard, and also I really want to try EQ2(the crafting has me so curious).

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