Guk: Halls of the Fallen, and Alts

Yesterday actually found us with most of the guild at home – something that has not been happening too often lately, and our lack of instance running has really been noticeable. We’re still doing lots in game though and still talking and hanging out when we can. I always expect things to slow down slightly for the summer months, so it’s nothing too serious, just another blip that I notice.

By early evening we did manage to drag ourselves over to Guk: Halls of the Fallen which happened to be the daily double. I thought that we had done Guk: Lower Corridors but we have not actually been there before, and where we HAD gone, was Halls of the Fallen. This is the instance that requires you to defeat the lord at the end. The last time we had been here it went pretty smoothly and Ultann had grabbed himself the awesome fungus spore charm from the final named. This time around things went even smoother and I left Arysh at home and brought the bard.

Unfortunately the bard didn’t have as much luck as the illusionist did and we didn’t see anything of note at all drop from the instance. The final named dropped a coercer level 80 master which I’ll be saving up for my baby coercer, and also dropped a cloth robe that’s pretty horrible to put it bluntly. Especially when in order to do the instance at all you’d better be sporting T1 or T2 shard gear (which means you have a chest piece already). We were proud that we had finished the zone, but the loots really could have been better for the amount of difficulty in the zone. We also neglected to get the single shard quest from outside the instance, so it was only a three shard run instead of four. Four is still better then none!

Ellithia (my mystic) is 4 shards away from her T2 shoulders which is the final piece she’ll need. I’m exceptionally happy to be finishing off her shard gear finally. Since my 2nd account has three characters who are all in the midst of obtaining T2, it will be a while. I’ve just finally decked them all out in T1, and while I know it’s a slow process since I rarely concentrate on just one character, it’s also nice to see them all get their bits one at a time.

Afterward I had an hour or two to waste and I decided to level up my baby coercer. I miss being able to charm and while yes, this would be my 4th enchanter, my coercer is over on Najena and I don’t want to pay another $50 right away to move her (plus that would require another long distance call to San Diego, and I just did that last week to move the troubador). For now I’ll stick with leveling the baby arasai the old fashioned way.

The transmuter is FINALLY able to break down up to and including level 70 gear, which means I’m officially on T8. My bank has been completely stuffed with items for a little while now that I’ve wanted to transmute and haven’t been able to, and it’s finally starting to dwindle. It will be nice to be able to help the guild out with transmute bits, now we just need a few more crafters to hit 80 and we can make all of our own adornments as well. So far we have the jeweler, tailor and alchemist able to make the T8 adornments, the carpenter, sage, and armorer are not too far behind.

Our little guild of three plus one (I use the term with love, as a nick name, lest anyone think that Kasul is not included in this little guild properly!) is doing amazing. We haven’t managed to find the venekor guild trophy yet, but our hopes are high. Speaking of the hall, we just passed level 45, and we’ve purchased more amenity. A huge thank you to Ultann who spent hours upon hours straight grinding writs in order to get us the levels while the rest of us pretty much slacked, hehe. I have hopes that eventually one day we’ll be able to move into a T2 guild hall, but I haven’t looked into the cost at all yet and I’m not quite sure how a move works – ie: does all of the coin and status we have put into this one carry over or do we start from scratch. Anyone know? I believe it carries over but I’ve yet to confirm it.

In any case, it’s wonderful. One of our best purchases to date has been the shattered lands bell that lets us port to the shattered land zones. These include Antonica, Commonlands, Zek, Enchanted Lands, Feerrott, Nektulos Forest, Thundering Steppes, Everfrost, and Lavastorm. Combine that with our druid portals that we also have and we can reach anywhere with relative ease.

I hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend so far, and it continues to be wonderful! No doubt I’ll be spending the remainder of my Sunday in Norrath now that real life has quieted down some what. It’s nice to have something to blog about!

See you in Norrath!

2 Responses to Guk: Halls of the Fallen, and Alts

  1. Stargrace says:

    I don’t do anything to the screen shots aside from crop them (they’re huge) if they need them, and add the little borders. I have tweaked my settings in game (colours, brightness, contrast, etc) to ensure the screen shots come out exactly as I see the game when I’m playing, but aside from that, nothing. :)

    I’ll have to track down g33kg0dd3ss and ask her about the halls, she designed my forum signature for me so I’m pretty familiar with who she is, teehee.

    Hugs and thank you!

  2. Ysharros says:

    Re: moving guild halls, g33kg0dd3ss might know — easiest way to ask her is probably to tweet (handle as noted here). They moved from a small to a medium guild hall not long before I joined up (way to avoid all the hard work, go me! :D).

    The quality of your screenshots continues to blow my mind. Are you photochopping them at all, other than to prettify the borders? If not, I’m going to sneak over and steal your rig someday! … Or get my own. ;)

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