Everyone Knew I would

After playing the illusionist again for a few months, I have (what a surprise) decided to betray her back to a coercer (and get her coercer epic as well). This comes as absolutely no surprise to anyone out there, I know. Over the time I have played EQ2 (since release) I have done the betrayal quest on every single one of my characters, some of them more then once. I would say I have completed the quest at least if not more then 50 times, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

Why do I keep doing it? Well it keeps characters fresh for me – and I have no class specific gear aside from my epic which I can simply do over again.

I miss charm, to put it bluntly, and while yes, I do have an 80 illusionist AND an 80 coercer over on Najena, I don’t want to spend another $50 and a call to San Diego to move either of them.

It does mean that I’ll have to give up my illusionist master spells, but I only have 4-5 of those to begin with and with research assistants and the few TSO zones that do smart loot I’m sure I can collect a few before too long. I already have a few spells including charm which is the most important one. I also have a few level 80 spells that we’d gotten in other dungeons. All that is left is the hard work of working faction up for Neriak so that my little Kerran Ratonga (love those petrified eyes for illusions) can move in comfortably. Crazy? Sure I am, but hey that’s how I play.

Betraying will also save me the difficulty of leveling up my 4th enchanter who managed to hit level 40 yesterday. Coercer or not there’s just no way I can make the treck through 70-80 on yet another enchanter on yet another character. That would make my 9th character to reach T8, and I simply don’t have it in me right now. I would much rather concentrate on the characters I already have and perhaps manage to get ONE of them 200 aa, since I have yet to meet that goal on anyone (though I am getting close).

Last night the guild decided that once we hit level 50 (which is still a ways away) we will purchase a T2 hall. I can’t recall the cost off of the top of my head but I think it’s 500 plat so we’ll have to do some saving for it. It’s a goal in any case. We also headed to the shard of the day zone, Anathema in Everfrost. Nothing of note dropped for us so Arysh (the illusionist / coercer) looted the items so that eventually I can transmute them. I’ve been stock piling my adornments bits in the guild bank so we can get ourselves outfitted nicely when the time comes. We headed to the crucible afterwards to see if any of the bits we wanted would drop (I think we’re all after pieces in there) but alas our luck held true and we didn’t see a single master chest.

On the plus side Ellithia (my mystic) did manage to finish off her T2 void set! Those shoulders (27 shards?!) seemed to take forever. Now it’s just a matter of me not squandering my void shards on the 2nd account. See, the thing is I have my dirge, troubador, illusionist, and paladin all on that account, and all of them are sporting T1 but not T2. The illusionist is sporting two pieces of T2 and hopefully I’ll be dedicated enough to get her geared up first. When you have so many characters, this can be difficult.

I know everyone must be getting very excited about Fan Faire which starts soon, alas I won’t be making it to this one, I simply couldn’t afford the trip. I have my fingers crossed for next year though and I’ll be frantically following everyone on whatever devices I can. I’m sure it will be a fantastic time.

In the mean time, I’ll be in Norrath, no work this week and I am exceptionally happy! I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday, and I’ll see you in Norrath!

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  1. Betrayal is a fantastic mechanic in EQ2. I betrayed my Ogre Berserker back and fourth about 7 times, switching between Qeynos and Freeport (I’m on a PvP server) and Berserker and Guardian several times. The last time was certainly the hardest for me because I lost all of my T8 masters and Adept IIIs :(

  2. Hudson says:

    You are nuts! ha ha. Well more power to ya

  3. Tipa says:

    I’d like Research Assistants better if you had to make them a little office, with a desk and materials at a level they would expect for the spell you want, and every day you’d have to put up with their impossible demands for food, entertainment, and so on. “I want to go to SPLITPAW tonight or I STOP WORKING!”

    That would be so awesome :)

  4. stargrace says:

    Not once ever, just one character per account at a time, and T8 takes a month. You can use them once the month is up (and it keeps track of the time if you happen to buy that master). Brenlo says it’s a way to reward people who have constant subscriptions. One master a month.

  5. Tipa says:

    Research assistants are only once ever per character per account, right? And they take a month?

  6. Tipa says:

    I called it! I TOTALLY called it! I SAID you should get two sets of Adept IIIs made!!!!!


    Glad to hear you’re having fun over there!

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