What Epic Was that Again?

Alright. I admit, I didn’t do that much in game yesterday because I spent most of it betraying my level 80 illusionist over to a coercer, and then I spent the remainder of it convincing my guild mates to help me with (yet another) epic quest. It wasn’t nearly as painful as some other epics have been though, the coercer one is VERY simple.

I’ve lost track of how many epics that is now. I believe I have finished epics for dirge x2, troubador, coercer x2, illusionist, templar, warden, and mystic. That’s a lot.

I had a good reason this time (don’t I always!) for wanting to betray. I had a level 40 coercer and just could not fathom the idea of leveling up ANOTHER alt. I have so many. I want to be able to concentrate on them properly and not just get to 80 and have them sit on the back burner. At least this way I can play the coercer (which I adore) and concentrate on bettering the character. Does that make sense? Well, it does to me.

The coercer epic is by far the simplest epic I have ever completed. There are no prerequisites aside from being level 80. There are no named required aside from Drusella in Maidens at the end. The entire thing took maybe three hours and that was including travel time, with four of us working on it. Now I just need to find a pretty adornment for it.

Today is GU52! I’m excited. I hope it goes well and I hope everyone is pleased with the new features. I’m off to the doctors again today and my fingers are crossed that it goes just as well. In the mean time, have a great Tuesday!

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  1. Grats on the new epic!

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