The Ultimate EQ2 RickRoll

In case you’re not sure what that is: Here

8 Responses to The Ultimate EQ2 RickRoll

  1. Ryver says:

    That is pretty darn impressive. Congrats to those that pulled it off :)

  2. Kiara says:

    That is fantastic.

  3. almagill says:

    Oh that is epic!!

    As Sornyx says in the screenie , this wins Everquest.

  4. That is a rickroll of outright Mythical proportions. :)

  5. Stargrace says:

    The planing would have had to of been something special, that’s for sure. It was pretty neat. ;)

  6. Hudson says:

    Wait how is that possible?

    They each made a guild with parts of the song and looted the items in order? THAT IS NUTS LOL! The planning involved in that is insane

  7. Tipa says:


    And what’s cooler is that Iodine and Deuterium were two character names I remember from EQ, Erollisi Marr server. I wonder if they are the same people.

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