A few Instances, and some crafting

Day two (after the game update) and I still haven’t seen any of the new content. Not too concerned though, I’ve had plenty of other stuff to do. Yesterday was one of those rare days when everyone was home – but we still didn’t get a lot accomplished for whatever reason. Is anyone else experiencing some horrid lag ever since the update? I checked the technical forums and I appear to be the only one. My PC is down to 5 frames a second at best in instances, no matter what graphic setting the computer is on, the laptop slightly better at 15 frames. Our guild of three plus one headed to Ykesha’s Outter Stronghold to test the waters and the zone completely ate us up and spit us out – I am willing to bet 80% of our issues were due to the lag I was experiencing (Ultann was also having massive issues with his laptop and has for a few days now which are frustrating at best since he boxes the 2nd healer).

After our failed romp through Ykesha’s we headed to Evernight Abbey, which is a very easy and simple zone. Of course my characters ended getting stuck out in the sunshine when it hit because I was preoccupied with curing the main tank and not moving myself out of there, but aside from that it went well. It was the daily double and we were rewarded with extra shards, which I promptly used to make a third T2 piece for the coercer.

The evenings here at home have been VERY warm, even if it’s not that warm out side I face west, and the sun is directly in my apartment from 2pm onwards. Even with fans going it’s uncomfortable, and so for the rest of the evening we puttered around the hall and I worked on my transmuting.

In the end that went VERY well, I can now transmute items up to (and including) level 80 on Arysh my coercer. She is my second transmuter to have made this treck, the first one being my warden (also named Arysh) on the Najena server. When I did it the first time I swore I’d never do it again (just like I’d never betray again, right) and I’m hoping I will never level up another transmuter again.

A huge thank you to my guild mates Kasul, Ultann, and Wpus for helping me work the skill up. They crafted items with level 1-9 rare ingredients and I transmuted them for supplies (as did Kasul) so that the process would be cheaper. I spent a grand total of 10p and only that much because I got tired of doing T1 stuff so I purchased a few higher tiers in between to break up the grind.

I am amused to see people spouting doom and gloom about the sales of masters on broker. The sales are still going fine, we just are not going to see the 300-600 plat masters selling for that amount when they can be researched in 30 days. People will STILL buy masters, for their alts and if the price is right because lets face it, we’re impatient and if we have the cash we’d rather have instant gratification then wait 30 days. I’m glad the prices have gone down a little.

As far as the nerfs to procs – my group IS doing less DPS, by about 100-300 DPS but it’s not earth shattering or game breaking. We’ll find other bits of gear and items to wear over time that will compensate for this, or our fights will last a little longer. Of course if I wasn’t lagging all over the place I’d be able to judge this a little better.

I’ve been checking the broker daily for player-written books (remember to filter through the ‘type’ tab, this is done to prevent players from titling their books after in-game books (like craft) and ripping off players) and so far have only spotted one for sale. I purchased it but it must have been more of a test book then anything else (thanks Buds, the author) because it was only two pages of text. Kasul also placed a book for sale (and it sold!) so there is at least a very slim market for those on a non-rp server. The only issue being that the rares actually cost far more then the books will sell for at higher tiers. I really wish they had used common materials. Granted, if you sell 100 copies of a T8 crafted book for 5 gold a pop you’re going to more than make that money back.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thursday, no doubt I’ll be spending most of it in Norrath. A few days left of my quiet week, woot!

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  1. I think it was about time that T8 masters came down in price. Ironically they seem to have gone up in the recent months since I last played. When RoK came out it was a lot easier to pick up Masters than it is now, at least on Nagafen.

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