Home Sweet Home (Norrathian Museum) WIP

I’ve been working on my ‘Norrathian Museum‘ off and on for quite some time. The screen shots don’t do it justice, so if you’re on the kithicor server please feel free to stop by the Magical Academy Housing in North Freeport. Character name is Ellithia. It’s in the mage tower, bottom floor. I’ve worked really hard on this and I’m exceptionally pleased with how it’s turning out.

Ideally, the library will be filled with a combination of player-written books and ones that I’ve quested for. It’s a little bare right now, but it gives me a goal. If there is anyone who wants to add some of their writing to my library, please don’t hesitate to make a character on Kithicor and mail me with your name, I’ll send you a notebook and some coin in return, then all you need to do is mail it back to me when the story is complete, you can delete the character right after.

It is still a work in progress, but the main floor is completed now, and the majority of the upper floor. I want to add tables and chairs to the library area, as well as a living space downstairs for Ellithia (the owner of the home, my mystic). She has a little bedroom tucked away, didn’t need much space for that, but I’d like a little kitchen, and perhaps a bath, we’ll see.

The garden picture was taken at night so it’s really hard to see, and looks far better in the day light. With the new grotto quest rewards (which I’ll go into more detail about tomorrow) the outdoors in any home will lack for nothing.

A silly way to spend my time? Maybe, but I had an absolute blast decorating.

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  1. stargrace says:

    You can’t tell from the screen shots, since I didn’t include any of the library (it’s still VERY much a work in progress) but I also included one of those extra floors, using rugs, the entire library sits on it on the 2nd floor. I’ve done a few homes this way, it’s fantastic. Guild halls also benefit (if you click the housing tab on my site you’ll see what I mean). You can almost see it in the pictures with the glass cases, the ceiling is actually a rug, not the ceiling. Since all of the walls are actually stone, and not the nice wood I have through the bottom floor, well, a lot of work went into it!

    Players imagination really is the limit, and that’s one thing that I absolutely love about EQ2. You’d be surprised how many people may see your home, I know I buy directly 90% of the time!

  2. Very nice work! One of the things I loved most about EQ2 was the housing. I really got into decorating it even though few people were really going to see it and appreciate it. I didn’t do anything special with my place, I just decorated it like a typical Necromancer would with lots of bones and candles. ;)

    I went to a few houses to purchase items directly without the market markup, so I got to see some really creative houses. I really loved how people put together interesting things, like fireplaces using wine racks for fancy grates. One of the most inventive houses I saw was someone who used the large stone tables to create an extra floor in the rafters of their place, with bookshelves on the wall as stairs leading up. It was a bit claustrophobic up there, but it was neat to see that level of creativity applied to the game.

    My current game of choice, LotRO, left me a bit disappointed with the housing options. The decorating is much more strict, and that wasn’t quite as much fun. The houses feel large and empty for the most part, even with every “space” filled. And, there’s no way you could do something as cool as this. :)

    I’ll definitely have to go back to EQ2 and visit your place!

  3. Stargrace says:

    Homes are instances that players can purchase. They cost status and coin (most of the time, status is accumulated through heritage quests and items that drop from mobs) and they can be purchased in a bunch of various sizes, in various towns (directly related to where your character lives). It is an instance that is saved with your name to it, it’s also the location of sales (that crate in the back on the left on the first picture is my sales crate).

    Carpenters make housing items, though in Norrath a great many of these items are also quested (like weapons to hang on walls come from Lore and Legend quests). The notebooks are sage made (level 50) and are on the broker as well, blank for players to write in.

    The dark brown “walls” of those screen shots are actually cabinets that I crafted with my carpenter, and turned around to hide the graphics, and enlarged (in EQ2 you can shrink and enlarge any house item as well as rotate and lift off of the ground to ‘float’). There are about 100 of them total used throughout the home. The ‘regular’ walls are stone.

    If you ARE going to give EQ2 a shot @Jeremy, I highly suggest starting out on Antonia Bayle, which is the roleplay server, very populated, and very kind to new players. Any other questions, feel free to ask.

  4. Jeremy S. says:

    You’ve just made me start salivating out of every pore of my body(yuck, I know)!

    Now I know I have to get EQ2. I love writing and reading. I am so making a library!

    Well, a lot more than that. Oh, I wish I didn’t see this post right now, late at night, without the money to go out and buy it right now.

    How does the housing you build work exactly? is it like an instance? I’ll be looking for info on the web, but if you have a few minutes to spare and explain it, I’d appreciate it.

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