A Request for Books, and other Ramblings

It’s begun. I put out a plea on both Kithicor and the Norrathian Homeshow forum looking for writers to help fill up my library. I’ve also been advertising it in channels though I’m not sure how well that has gone. I attempt to purchase what I can from the broker, but the written books are few and far between making this difficult. Plus I don’t have unlimited funds, so if it’s over 50g chances are I’m not going to buy that particular book (especially if the inside is blank). When all is said and done I hope to have one impressive library. We’ll see.

Yesterday was one of those nice relaxing lazy days. I had intended on working the grotto quests a little more with alts – but that didn’t happen. I suppose it’s not such a big deal, I had done the quests three times each with various characters, but the house items are simply amazing and I of course always want more. I barely used any in the museum home, I figured I can save it for my other houses (yes, of course there are always others).

The guild of three plus one attempted Crucible last night, but I was starting to feel very ill, so I had to leave once we’d completed the shard quest (which was an easy 15 kill). There was nothing I could do about that except to offer up my apologies. I felt really bad. I did manage to duo Obelisk of Ahkzul with Ultann in an attempt at getting the healer shield to drop but of course after farming it for months and months, we saw the sword that drops regularly.

We only had two deaths and they were foolish ones so I was very happy. Ellithia fell through the floor on the way to the center of the bouncy room, and Arysh died once due to some unwanted aggro. For only two of us in the zone (three if you count the fact that I boxed) it went very smooth and I was happy to get my shard at the end. I tried to search the vendors for a shield but alas the void merchants only hold two for priests, and neither of them have heal crit. Figures.

Today I hope to continue to work on the library, I’d like to get the 2nd portion of the home completely finished, so that all I have left to work on is the bottom portion, which is a living space and not that important to complete. I’m really happy that so far the entire museum has only taken 300/600 items, and I don’t lag in it at all, something I was worried about. Of course I’d love to add more L&L pieces as well as heritage quests, we’ll see how that goes. I’m also wishing we could give our homes names, instead of Ellithia’s Estate, it would be neat to be able to name my home ‘1st Regional Museum of Norrath’ or some such. Foolish dreams I know, but I still think it’s neat.

Aside from all that – (don’t act so surprised) decided to create another character, a baby fury. I do have my 80 warden on Najena, but I was getting the urge and so my arasai was born, level 23 and counting. I spent far too much coin gearing her up, Kithicor is insanely priced.

On the plus side it’s also heavily populated, there are raids going all of the time (Sunday night is Mythical Night, where about 50 people obtained their mythicals) and there are always WoE raids going and other adventures. I still haven’t gotten my mythical on anyone yet, though I’d like to try. We’ll see how it goes.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Father’s Day, and a great Sunday in general. No doubt this week will bring around some amazing adventures, and I’m looking forward to hearing about them all.

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