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Yesterday was quiet – not a bad thing. I happily worked on the museum, adding tables to the library as well as chairs and some lighting. I always have issues getting the lighting right, it’s hard to figure out which house items will give what particular light I want. I added a few more books as well, and mailed off some blank ones to players. So far trying to get people to write for me has been like prying teeth but I expected no less on a non-rp server, and I enjoy the challenge. This way my library is also truely unique, I have one of a kind books that are not published anywhere.

Ultann and Wpus headed off to Pawbuster, but since the cat (as precious as she thinks she is) keeps waking me up at 5am every morning, I have been going to bed fairly early, unable to keep my eyes open any more. Honestly, does anyone have a suggestion on how to train a cat NOT to wake someone up? She will (and I kid you not) do anything within her power to wake me, including (but not limited to) screaming, biting, ripping apart books (my room is a disaster in the morning, I’ve had to give her specific books to chew so that she leaves my important ones alone), vaulting from the nightstand onto me (this is so very painful), she will walk up my body and stuff her nose in my eye and I can wake up to the sound of her heavy breathing, and numerous other acts of cat-ness. 5am is too dang early to be up and I’m one of those ‘once I’m up I’m up’ people, after she’s had her fill of attention for an hour she runs off to sleep. Of course, I’m up by then.

Kasul spent the evening questing, and I nodded off at the keyboard so I decided to get some sleep.

Fan Faire starts really soon, so everyone has been preoccupied with getting that off the ground and I’m excited to see what happens this year. I wish I were going, but there’s always next year. Of course as I’ve mentioned before I’ll be following via twitter and every other device I possibly can, I hope everyone has an exceptional time (I’m sure I don’t even need to say that, it’s just a given).

I believe today the guild of three plus one are all home, so maybe we’ll get a chance to do some instances, summer months are a little more difficult to arrange for that sort of thing. Safe travels, and I hope everyone has an amazing Tuesday!

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  1. Stargrace says:

    She’s always got dry food down – it’s just that in the mornings, every day I give her a little wet food, and she’s gotten me trained to get up on command and feed her that at 5am now. I’ve held off until 7 but when I say she screams, I truly do mean she screams.

    I’m wondering if maybe a squirt gun (with low pressure of course) would work in training her to leave me alone.

  2. Stropp says:

    My cat did have that habit too. He’d jump up on me at some ungodly hour of the morning and find a bit of exposed skin, usually my shoulder, and tap me with one claw out. If that failed to work, he’d then start doing that cat pawing thing on my neck (even if under the covers). Holding his paws and otherwise ignoring him seemed to do the trick and he now waits until it is past my usual time to rise.

    Destructive on the other hand is, well, destructive. I’d probably respond, once that behavior started, by confinement to the bathroom. Cats are smart and will work out that they are there because of naughtiness.

    But if that seems harsh you could first try putting down some dry cat food before you go to bed. The cat will get up during the night to snack and might not be so hungry at 5am as to attempt to eat your books.

  3. Stargrace says:

    Actually Gorowyn is neutral, you can access it with good or evil just fine!

    As far as no one being online, well, Kasul and I have moved to Kithicor to play lately, and I’m not sure how often (if ever) the others are on. :) But there’s always cross game channels!

  4. Egat says:

    I keep popping online on occasion and never see anyone, I blame that on being 5 hours in your future. I also expect I should make an evil race if I want to visit the guild hall, right?

  5. I’m looking forward to the fan faire too but mainly because I want to hear details about the next EQ2 expansion. Hopefully it will be a good one!

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