Oops, I did it again

I resubscribed to WoW, even though it has been almost a year since I last played – I know, I know. WHY. Right? Well, I have reasons (I always do) so here they are. Number one would have to be the fact that for the past two months I’ve been suffering from gallstones which are exceptionally painful. I have one more month before I can even be considered for an operation to remove my gallbladder, in the mean time I have good days and bad days as everyone who has read my blog knows (I try not to vent about it but it happens, I’m sorry). The day after a ‘bad day’ is spent in bed for the most part, recuperating. Laptop is thankfully never far from my side (notice this post has no screen shot? A sure sign that I have been dealing with health issues and it’s not just pure laziness) along with lots to drink and a warm kitty watching over me.

In any case, WoW is one of those games that runs on anything, which I appreciate. Sure, EQ2 also runs on the laptop, but I ‘m used to boxing in that game and I feel like half a person playing from the bedroom and not the pc. No fault of the game to be sure, it’s just my personal view. Also, being confined to my room means I don’t have the wonderful gaming selection that my PC has, so I’m restricted. I have EQ2, EQ, WoW, W101 and Sims 3 installed on the laptop and they run wonderfully. You can expect that with so much time to do nothing, I get bored, easily. This will also help a little.

I’ve played WoW off and on since release. I’ve never gotten a character over level 50 and I’ve never been end game in any sense of the word. I’ve never made much money, and I’ve always found it amusing that the ‘easiest’ game out there was also the hardest for me at least in terms of leveling. Probably because I’ve never had a steady guild or known anyone else who was playing. I love pvp (but can’t run WAR on the laptop) and while it is HIGHLY doubtful that I will play for more then a month (it’s about all I can handle at a time) it does fill the gaps of my gaming needs for now.

I just need to decide what I’m going to play, and where. I have some characters on Uther (44 priest and my 50 hunter) as well as Ravenholdt, or maybe I’ll just start some where new fresh. I always felt like WoW was the sort of game where it really was too late to start over anywhere new, but I guess we’ll just see.

No, I’m not giving up EQ2, or EQ, or VG or any of the other games I play, but if you see a post or two about WoW or notice my xfire time I didn’t want anyone to think I had betrayed over to the dark side or some such.

In other news, Fan Faire starts today. I’m incredibly jealous. I hope everyone has a safe and fantastic time, I’ll be cheering from the sidelines!

6 Responses to Oops, I did it again

  1. Egat says:

    I happen to play on Shadow Council, Alliance side. The RP community here has died down a little bit but you can still find them around. You are welcome to stop in and say hi.

  2. Jeremy S. says:

    I still have an unused 2 month time card sitting in my top desk drawer :) I’ll get around to it eventually, because I do like WoW.

  3. Stargrace says:

    I’ve enjoyed the game each time I’ve played, and I love the bright colourful world. I typically end up on an rp server so that I can create a little story and not feel silly about it, but I always wander back to EQ2 (or whatever other game) after a month or so. Friends would probably make this process a lot easier.

    The downside is I need a home! Hehe. Uther and Ravenholdt are my two servers right now, but I’m open to more suggestions if anyone has them. I’m not afraid to solo and I expect to be around quite frequently, just some folks to chatter to here and there would be great. I’ll see what happens!

  4. Good luck with WoW, I think you’ll enjoy it. I started it in October last year and was surprised at how decent the game still was even after 4 years. They’ve also made PvP more accessible and very similar to scenarios in WAR – you can queue up for them from anywhere and, as of Patch 3.2, get experience for doing them.

    Performance is a factor for me too. EQ2 runs on my laptop but it’s not great whilst WoW runs fine. Definitely benefits to being a low end spec game.

  5. Hi Stargrace! Haha, a warm kitty, awesomeee!!! That’s just what you need. Hey, as you probably know from my X-Fire account I have been playing WoW again too. It’s a fun MMO and it really has some great art and design. The world in WoW feels VERY “complete” and is fun to explore. There is always something interesting around the corner.

    I’m playing on the Arathor server if you wish to play there. There doesn’t seem to be too many low level people, I’ve been pretty much alone leveling. But if you want to play with me you could go there, I’m just starting, I’m still really low level and all that.

  6. Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well.

    Much as most players of other games like to look down on WoW for a variety of reasons, I think there’s a fair amount of fun still to be had in the game. This is especially true if you haven’t seen a lot of the solo content; the expansions both outstrip the original release. Holler if you wind up playing on Hyjal US Alliance, or if you’ve got any questions, and I’ll do what I can for you. :)

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