Now We Know

Fan Faire had their big release last night, and I caught parts of it on twitter this morning and watched the video since I was unable to at that time. Now we know:


  • – Odus will be the next expansion, including the starter city of Halas
  • – Level cap going to 90
  • – Auto-mentoring (I’ve always said trivializing your content is a bad idea) inc with GU53, as well as shard of love
  • – Doesn’t come out until February (not cool)
  • – 3 months between GU’s
  • – Character transfers via station cash for $25 (best announcement of the night personally)

I was disappointed that Vanguard was not mentioned this year (nor was it last year) if anything it would have at least been a nice tidbit for those who play the game and attended Fan Faire (Joodah and your crew, I’m looking at you).

I was also sad to hear that the new 51/50 EQ server is only open to those at the moment attending Fan Faire, which means achievements and discoveries go to them. Those people who perhaps could not afford to go but who have been loyal EQ customers for 10 years now can play later when it opens for the public in a week. I understand the need and desire to give ‘swag’ to people who are attending your events, but everyone is already getting auto-access to beta, and free copies of both EQ and EQ2. What more did they really need?

Bitter, I know. If I were one of the people at Fan Faire I’d be all over that stuff, but I’m not.

I played very little yesterday, but today is looking better. I’ll post more when I have more to say! In the mean time I hope everyone is having an amazing Saturday and a great weekend in general.

6 Responses to Now We Know

  1. stargrace says:

    Antonia Bayle once the paid transfers come out :)

  2. James Taylor says:

    You mentioned you were moving in the twitter DM, I assume you meant you’re going to take advantage of the payed character transfer? Where to? :)

  3. I’m cool with it all apart from the February part. It’s a long time to wait…

  4. Actually, auto-mentoring sounds more useful for group content than solo. Currently, if you want to do group content you’ve outleveled for AA, someone in the party need to actually be the correct level (so that everyone can mentor down to them). Works out if one of your friends happens to have an alt of the correct level and wants to do the content on their alt rather than their AA-hungry main, but otherwise you’re out of luck.

    I guess it can also be used on solo content that you failed to complete in time, but I don’t see why that is going to trivialize the content any worse than level-locking. The only difference is that now players who did NOT choose to level lock will have the option of going back if they want to.

  5. Hudson says:

    I am a little perplexed as to what solo mentoring will do to the game. Mentoring was great because it had high levels helping low levels for a mutual gain, now it will be right back to solo wonderland once more with people ignoring everyone else.

    Why not just make this game offline jeez

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