More Fan Faire Details (EQ2)

One site that seems to have been over looked this Fan Faire (at least on twitter) is the EQ2 Wire – you may remember them from last year, they were the ones frantically posting all of the guild hall information, and they were fantastic in keeping things up to date. Take a peek over at their site for an in depth (although not always flowing) look at what is to come for EQ2. Some of the changes I noticed right off the bat that I wanted to mention here are:

  • Certain new adornments recipes will be muter only
  • Extend eof and kos trees
    50 more AA points
    250 cap
  • End abilities at bottom of eof and kos trees will be combinations instead of additional buttons
  • Aa xp slider
  • Spell ranged melée heal taunt crit merged to just crit
    Double attack and RDA merge to just DA
    Each class has crit coefficients
    Same gear adds diff crit % for diff classes
  • Reduce mitigation types to
    Physical. Elemental. Nox. Arcane
  • Consolidate common self buff lines
  • Gear scaling system — old gear scales down
  • Druid heal over time with expiration heal for groupmate
    Druid should be viable healer
  • No need to bring 8 support classes
    Raidwide buffs for chanter and bard
    Illy time compression 4 ppl – 1 per group
  • Summoner debuffs spell dmg
    Rogue debuffs melée dmg
  • All of these changes will be on test for a long time
  • May make T9 version of some TSO dungeons
  • Mythical will not be #1 weapon. It will be usuable in another way.
  • Ore nodes will respawn as ore nodes
    Gem nodes will respawn as gem nodes
  • Summoner dumbfire pets will just be a spell with a debuff, won’t be something that has survive.
  • Heal over time is third place behind wards and reactive heals, so Druids are getting another component to heal over time.
  • Let enchanters do crowd control on raids
  • Stonebrunt mountains
  • End of the void storyline
  • What happened to the Erudites and Odus
  • Ratonga lore
  • Contested dungeon
    The Hole
  • 3 different wings. Spawn in the middle.
  • Raid mobs in new zones will have a choice of difficulty so no zone will be completely unbeatable
  • Some mobs will have multiple loot tables
  • No new deities with expac
  • Guild level 90
    More amenities and more slots
  • 2 overland zones
    1 contested zone similar to sanctum of scaleborn
    12 group instances
  • Level by grouping or soloing
  • Be able to clear instances and then progress to the next zone.
  • New Halas free download gu55
    Streamlined new player experience
    Rework thundering steppes
  • Will see Erudin and Paineel explained in new expac
  • Shouldn’t be any one class that is required to raid
  • Swash and brigands pick up some of each others class abilities.
  • Upgraded quest window
  • Auto mentoring system
    Hail an NPC in the cities to mentor in 5 level increments
    No aaxp bonus
  • Aaxp slider

Be sure to check out their notes for the rest of Fan Faire, but it looks like some pretty great things are headed EQ2’s way eventually. Now we just have to play the waiting game.

3 Responses to More Fan Faire Details (EQ2)

  1. My personal geh is only two new overland zones for the entire tier. If this thing is going to be like KOS with a bunch of “go repeat this quest 10 times” as the progression path for solo players, I’ll be better off parking my character the moment she dings 80 so I can save whatever 70-80 content I haven’t used for after the cap increases.

  2. Stargrace says:

    I agree about only one contested dungeon, SoS and PoA were some of my favorite areas, which is just another reason why I loved KoS. Hopefully it’s better then Karnors Castle.

  3. Yay:
    Stonebrunt mountains
    Ratonga lore
    The Hole

    1 contested zone similar to sanctum of scaleborn

    Just one contested dungeon? Booo! :)

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