Epics of a Different Sort

When you don’t have an adventure level epic to work on – that must mean it’s time to work on yet another crafter epic, of course! Aside from the 8(?) epics I’ve completed for various adventure classes, I’ve also completed a number of crafter epics. I have completed them for carpenter, jeweler, woodoworker, provisioner, and as of yesterday my tailor is brandishing her new title and cloak proudly.

The other epic crafters are all on Najena, so I haven’t had anyone who was able to harvest the wonderful red shiny that are out in Norrath, invisible to anyone not wearing the earring of the solstice. The quest was fairly simple. It starts out with a quest that is shared by all and is broken into sections. One portion requires you to head to Steamfont and Loping Plains to harvest bits for a gnome, and the next sends you to a crafter version of the Drafling Tower in Rivervale, to throw down smoke bombs and get rid of bixie. Afterwards each subclass has their own unique instance to defeat. Mine last night was quite simple, it was a version of The Nest in Barren Sky and I had to run around avoiding agro from the feathered fiends within and collect bits to make a mask (which helped me avoid them further). It was by far the easiest of the three subclass quests, my least favorite being that of sage, alchemist, and jeweler.

Of course, the most difficult portion of the entire quest is finding other crafters to make the components you need. I could make the tailor one for myself at least, and Kasul provided the jeweler portion. I donated 1p per piece that others helped me out with and spent most of the evening tracking down those who could aid. It took a few hours, but eventually I finished. Next is to get my alchemist to 80 (she’s part way into 79) and complete her epic as well, adding it to the collection. Once server transfers are affordable I’m looking forward to having all of my crafters together again.

I also managed to do a quick Obelisk of Ahkzul run, no the shield I want didn’t drop but we did see the fighter one handed which has also never dropped for us before, so maybe there’s hope. Aside from that, it was a fairly quiet day (but at least I felt productive!) I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday today!

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  1. James Taylor says:

    Stuff like this is why the crafting in EQ2 piques my interest so much. Sounds like a blast, albeit a tough, expensive blast!

    Didn’t get a chance last night to activate my trial, got sucked into watching too many episodes of Merlin – but I will get around to it this week for sure. EQ2 is top on my list of games to play this week, I just need to find the time.

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