Still So Much To See

One of the reasons I have kept my love affair with EverQuest II for so long is the simple fact that there is SO much to see and do – even after all of this time. When I play other MMOs I mention from time to time that I get bored because I don’t want to always pvp, I don’t want to always craft, I don’t want to always group, or always solo. What I want is to be able to do whatever I feel like doing at that exact moment, and move from there. EQ2 is one of the few games that allows me to do this on a daily basis.

There are days when I want to go quest-crazy, and complete as many quests as I can, and there are a LOT of quests in EQ2. In fact looking at the EQ2 Questlist there are 6184 quests total recorded. Some of those are of course class specific quests, and ones that were removed from game or were only around for a limited time, but they still count. If you’re a fan of shiny collections (and lets face it, who isn’t?!) there are 421 shiny collections in game. I have barely completed 200 on any one of my characters. That’s a lot of shinies to work towards! Then of course there are days I would rather not go near quests at all, typically after one of my binges, hehe.

While no game has involved crafting into the actual game play as much as I would have personally liked, EQ2 comes the closest by adding crafter orientated quests to the game that players can complete without too much difficulty no matter their adventure level. It’s not perfect by any means but it sure comes close. If I feel like grinding out a few crafting levels while watching a movie it’s a perfectly viable option.

There is a fair selection of group and solo content – and if I run out of solo content I can always go back and do the group content that I may have out leveled (thus making it easier for me) and I’ll still get achievement points for doing so. I’m really looking forward to the update that will allow players to mentor to a specific level and thus complete content as level appropriate without having to always have a lowbie in group. It will be nice to complete old raids, be able to farm masters that may not get upgrades (enraging demeanor anyone?) and just pretend to be a lower level for once.

In fact how many times have you started playing a game your friends were on only to have to play alone while they play their mains – or have to constantly play ‘catch up’ before you could actually play together. I think the mentor system that EQ2 has is something that a lot of people over look. The ability to play with your friends no matter what level they may be is something that I really cherish. It doesn’t matter if I have 100 level 80 characters (scary thought) I can at least help out on my main character and not have to re-create a lowbie.

I spent this weekend cleaning up my two EQ2 accounts a little. I deleted three characters (including an 80 sage but we won’t talk about that!) that I had very little interest in playing any more (my 58 swashbuckler, 61 necromancer, and 61 bruiser). It freed up a little space on my second account should an urge ever overcome me again to create another alt (and of course it will) and trimmed down a little so I can actually clearly tell what level 80’s I have. On my main account I have 7 level 80’s as well as my level 74 paladin – a full account in other words. On my second account I only have 1 level 80 (the mystic) but hey I suppose there’s a goal to work the other 6 up. Of course when the next EQ2 expansion comes out I’ll have 10 levels to try to gain on everyone including new gear and new spells, but maybe by then I’ll settle down with a ‘main’ and turn all those into crafters.

Hah. Right.

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend, here’s hoping it’s also a fantastic week!

3 Responses to Still So Much To See

  1. Versatility is one of the reasons I think EQ2 is the best MMORPG available. You can pretty much do anything you want and all of it is well thought out and well put together. The game doesn’t try to force people into just soloing or raiding, it has everything you could imagine.

  2. Anakh says:

    Great post – I have a regrettable tendency with EQ2 to bounce into the game for a few months, then bounce out again for a few, and repeat. I love the game, just love it – there’s really no better game for me out there in terms of overall playability. And I think of so many things I haven’t done! I’ve never had a max level crafter (I don’t think I’ve ever hit level 50!) I only have one level 80 and one in the mid 70s, both scouts. There’s so many quests, and HQs, and full quest chains I haven’t explored. I guess when I re-join the game next I need to really attack those – it’s so easy to change focus as you mentioned and switch from crafting to questing to messing around in your house – I think – what’s my excuse?

  3. I’ve been spending some time on my first serious EQ2 alt, and it has been pretty refreshing to have a completely separate leveling path from my first character. (This falls apart in T7, where my Dirge will have to clear out all of the solo timelines because I’m still getting slaughtered by mobs in Kunark at 68, but otherwise I’ve been able to reserve most of the evil and Faydwer content for alts.) I don’t think I’m ever going to end up with an account full of 80’s, but it’s nice that there are enough creative class/race options that I’d have a hard time picking just seven if I were going to make the attempt.

    I’m also slightly amused/horrified to hear of the demise of your Bruiser after having asked about the state of the class yesterday. Maybe that Ratonga Bruiser/Monk isn’t as good a plan as I’d been thinking…. ;)

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