Saying Goodbye (to Kithicor) Hello Antonia Bayle!

Yesterday was a busy day. The guild of three plus one on Kithicor had to pack up the entire guild, as well as our shared banks and brokers and we began the long move over to Antonia Bayle. Our kithicor guild was level 51, we worked really hard on it. So in remembrance we placed mannequin in the entry of our (now empty) hall, with a book written by each of us. The mannequins on the far left and right are my two characters, the mystic and coercer. My book was fairly short, it explained how I came to kithicor, and why I was leaving.

The coercer moved over with no problems, but my mystic for some odd reason couldn’t even see the ‘services’ tab on the station market. Turns out there’s another small bug – if you use gift cards your account is flagged as “pending” and not “active” – to remedy this all you have to do is add a credit card to the end of your subscription (it won’t charge you anything until the gift card runs out) and it will be flagged as active again.

Once I’d done that the mystic moved over with no issues. Since neither character had to change their name, both of their homes remained intact, thankfully because Ellithia owns my Norrathian Museum and I had nightmares of having to rebuild the entire thing. That’s one house I’ve spent countless hours on.

Speaking of my museum, I spent the better part of the afternoon purchasing player-written books to add to my library. There are 33 (that’s right) pages of player written books on Antonia Bayle. On Kithicor there was 1 page, and most of those were my fellow guild mates. The prices of the books are very reasonable, and I bought up everything I could, happily.

Now, one person in particular has uh, some.. Pornographic books that are selling. So if you do purchase books from the broker, or your children are about to, be careful if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing. For the most part I’ve been exceptionally pleased with the books I have found, and it looks like my library is coming along very nicely. I’ll have to make a list of what I own so that I can keep track and avoid doubles.

Now I need to betray my 2nd coercer back over to an illusionist, Calreth has offered to help out with spells and since I’ve already got the illusionist epic completed there won’t be too much work to do at least. Then I’ll have an illusionist, coercer, and mystic on Antonia Bayle instead of two coercers.

Hopefully Kasul and Wpus will be able to move over today, I see research assistants are fixed – NOTE – when you move servers the RA is set back to zero, so if you have spells in the works get them BEFORE you transfer. Unless you don’t really care about the spell of course. Then it doesn’t really matter.

Thank goodness it’s Friday! I hope everyone has a fantastic day. I’m off to my upper gi and hopefully we’ll finally get to the bottom of these health issues.

5 Responses to Saying Goodbye (to Kithicor) Hello Antonia Bayle!

  1. ogrebears says:

    I see how it is, leave ogrebear all alone on Kithicor…. :). Have fun!

  2. stargrace says:

    We have alts in the guild on Kithicor for just such an occasion, so we can continue to pay the escrow. :)

  3. The monument to your old guild sounds really cool. It’s sad that it will stop being usable whenever your escrow runs out.

  4. Tipa says:

    Oops, I had just seven days to go with Power Ballad. Or whatever it’s named now. Oh well.

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