Loot? Who needs it!

The enchanted grotto event was a little late coming into game yesterday, but there were posts on the forums that suggested it should be fixed by the 20th of next month, not to mention the fact that the events are in place for 48 hours each time (so you have until midnight tonight to adventure to the mushroom rings). For myself personally, I ran the quest with two characters who had never done it before (the “new” main, Sharatan) and picked up some nice house goodies along the way. One being the flower wreath that’s pictured to the right. I wish there were some sort of circlet option like the one you’ll find in the station market place, but I figure I have spent more then enough money on station cash this month (close to $200) in order to move my characters to their new homes.

Kasul was off watching Harry Potter and enjoying an evening away from the game (something I understand in concept even if I don’t actively partake!) so that left an evening with Calreth, Wpus, and Ultann – which we made great use of. I played both the coercer and the mystic, and ultann played his inquisitor at least for the first zone.

We decided to try Najena’s Hollow Tower first thinking perhaps the cloak would drop off of the water named (the one where you have to spin the valves each time the water begins to rise) but alas we got some plate boots that no one could use instead. The shards were nice, and thank goodness Calreth logged in during the drake fight because our dps was fairly low without him. I’ve gotten used to having either him or Kasul around, and understand only too well now how essential dps is to a fight.

Even though we saw no useful loot from the drake, there was still the final fight in the zone to bring our spirits up. Perhaps the ring would drop (yeah right) or at least that’s what we told ourselves.

Eventually the zone was clear, our only rewards being the shiny we could find, and the shards. Ah well. It was off to Evernight Abby for a bit of fun. Again nothing of use dropped, our luck persisted. I did manage to complete a few quests on Sharatan though who had never even been to the zone before. In fact she has never been to any of the TSO zones before, I stopped playing her just as TSO came out. She hit 140aa finally and gained a few more shards. I had time for one more zone even though my eyes were beginning to close on me, so we headed to Anchor of Bazzul where again nothing dropped but I wasn’t expecting anything by that point, I just wanted to collect the two shards so that I could have another piece of set gear made (a robe, finally a robe!) and then I crawled to bed.

It’s neat to be on a server where 1-9 is so full you can’t even enter, and I love the constant conversation that is ongoing – though at times it can be a little much and I have to turn off one or two (especially the crafting channel) simply because I miss too much in spam. It was still a fantastic night none the less, and I hope everyone had a lot of fun. It’s Tuesday! I hope everyone has a great one!

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