Hotfix Notes: 7.29.2009

Fan Faire Feedback Update

At the most recent Fan Faire, many of you presented us with a ton of useful feedback.  We’ve tried to address many of your great ideas and suggestions in the below changes.  Thanks to everyone who attended and provided feedback and to those of you who provide feedback through all the other channels!


  • There is now a flight post from the Bellywhumper camp out to the Dragon’s Rest Shallows for easier access to the Order of Rime camp.
  • Those who have achieved some faction with the Order of Rime can now use the Order’s warbirds to travel back and forth from Fens of Nathsar to Jarsath Wastes.
  • A Call of Rime bauble is now available from Melimy Yolta, in the Fens of Nathsar Rime camp!
  • Non-charged mounts can now be stabled in your home!  Just examine your whistle, drum, or carpet to place the item in your home.  Examine the stabled mount again when you want to ride your mount once more!
  • Guild hall harvesting minions now also harvest imbue materials.
  • Boomba now offers a much wider selection of pickles.
  • Player-written books will now be editable when transferring to another server.
  • Players now have a personal torch that does not clutter their hands.  Use ALT+L to light your way.
  • Guild mail can now be sent to specific ranks.  Click the to button on the send window and select which ranks you wish to spam . .. Err mail.
  • Added an indicator (white star) on the target window. This should only show up if the NPC gives AA experience and not show up if you’ve collected it.


  • The Firiona Vie Statue now has 100 status reduction.
  • Collection items from The Shadow Odyssey dungeons have now been added to the Collection Burynai.


  • Najena’s elevator in Lavastorm can no longer change directions while traveling to a new floor.


  • A mysterious new stranger has appeared in the Moors of Ykesha. Rogues and predators may visit him to exchange their hybrid shard armor for class shard armor.


  • During the final Munzok fight, Munzok’s various adds should no longer cast any spells players can cure.  Cures can be focused on spells and effects cast by Munzok himself.


  • The Swine Lord should spawn a bit more frequently in Nektropos Castle.


  • The voice system has been upgraded to correct a number of disconnection issues.


  • Hallmark quests can now be deleted from your quest journal. Note: Hallmark quests have never counted towards your quest limit, so deleting them will not make room for additional quests.
  • If you have the right Rime faction to get a quest from Rantiri Skelbre, Kraytoc Killingfrost, Kellaen Mednevn or Kyena the Eastern Lord, but you do not have the Rime illusion on, they will now tell you that they must recognize you in order to proceed.
  • If you meet the requirements for Rime quests in other zones Bragek Joll, Thress Kivatei, and Pylemea Stoerki will now tell you to travel to another zone to get a quest from specific NPCs.
  • The quests “Kill ’em All” in Fallen Gate can now be obtained by players above level 25.
  • The quest “The Summoning” in Nektulos Forest can now be obtained by players above level 37.
  • The quest “Trinkets of the Dead” in Nektropos Castle can now be completed.
  • Billy in Nektropos Castle should be a bit easier to find for the heritage quest “A Missing Mask”. He can now be hailed by clicking on him instead of having to use the ‘H’ key
  • The quest “Bag of Parts” in Baubleshire can now be completed at any level.
  • The Shady Swashbuckler in Nektulos Forest can now obtain Berik, Sword of Thunder for those who have already completed the quest.

3 Responses to Hotfix Notes: 7.29.2009

  1. Anakh says:

    Boomba’s got more pickles!

  2. Magson says:

    Nice list. Too bad I’m gonna be out of town this weekend for a funeral. I’ll at least download the update tonight.

  3. Oooh, the torch change finally went in. And I’m not sure that unleashing a bear in with my collection of house pets is the best of ideas, but it might make sense if I ever move somewhere with a bit more space. ;)

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