Recruit a Friend, and Totem Quests

My Tauren shaman, in World of Warcraft. That’s right, I still play (from time to time) while devoting most of my game time to EQ2. There are a few other games I continue to play when the mood strikes me but yesterday I decided I’d play WoW. I’ve actually played since release, picking up the game a few months after I got hooked on EQ2. My highest character is level 50 (actually I have a few characters sitting at 50) so even though this game is considered one of the easier ones out there I’ve never made it to end game (which is fine by me).

I recruited a friend to the game with me at the same time, so we’re both enjoying the experience bonus, and for every two levels his characters gain he can grant one level to a character of mine. I decided randomly yesterday to create a shaman, and via recruit a friend she went from 1-33 in a few seconds. People standing around asked if we were hacking, it was amusing.

While skills are easily worked up, and spells easy to purchase – that meant that I’d missed every single one of the totem quests in order to cast my class defining spells. I spent the majority of the afternoon once I’d geared myself up working on those quests which make you run ALL OVER the dang place. Since I was leveled via recruit a friend I didn’t even have any flight paths, so I had to walk. Thank goodness for the ghost wolf form! I didn’t bother purchasing a mount yet, because I have multiple characters around this level and only so much coin on this server.

I know it’s not difficult to make coin, I just haven’t gotten around to it though.

The bright colours (while cartoonish to some) I enjoy a great deal, as well as the comic feeling of the game. It’s a nice break from what I play as my main game of choice, and the fact that it’s new to me is also a bonus. I’ve played EQ2 extensively for almost five years now, I know it in and out, I know which zones to go and pretty much every single quest. I’ve obtained more shards on each account then one should ever obtain – and while I LOVE the game (and I truly do, if anything this site attests to that) I do need a break every now and again.

It was a nice quiet simple day. I did my totem quests and then decided to call it a night, I popped into EQ2 and checked sales, and did an instance (that I’ll talk about more later because it just amused me). All in all, a pretty good day gaming!

Friday night I’ll be leaving to my parents place for a few days for a little rest and relaxation (much needed) and while I will have my laptop with me (plus my Mom has a gaming machine) I plan on spending most of it taking pictures and reading out in the gazebo. I am very eager to get away from the city for a few days, and I’m really looking forward to this short mini vacation.

Safe travels!

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