No Place Like Home

I apologize in advance for this not-quite-all-gaming blog post, but it does happen from time to time (the joys of this being my personal rant place). I did game yesterday (of course) but I didn’t really do anything of significance. My woodworker inched her way to level 30, which is great. My sage inched her way (sans vitality or bonus, painful!) to level 35 – and I marveled over the fact that on Antonia Bayle there were only three T8 loams for sale for 2p each. We’re talking common loams here not those rare silicate loams. Not sure why they were all suddenly bought up unless perhaps people are preparing for the extra 10 levels they’ll need to obtain in February and stock piling. Grinding writs it wouldn’t be too difficult to do T8 for 10 levels since harvests will be rare for a time in T9.

Speaking of harvesting, I was a little amused to find that the harvest bots in guild halls can now harvest imbue materials. These are used for the crafting epics, and the smoldering ones are pretty pricey on the broker. I need to help level my guild up a few levels so we can get our bots back, as we’re still too low quite yet to purchase them. It will come with time.

Tomorrow evening I’ll be leaving the city of Ottawa and heading to Russell, which is about 25-30 minutes south of Ottawa. It is a small community, with its own township, and I’ll be spending a few days at my parents place. They in turn are headed to Tennessee on their motorcycle for a week – or at least that’s the direction they’re headed, whether or not they actually get that far is still to be seen. I think it’s neat that my parents can just head out like that with no real plan. Anyhow, I as much as I love this city I need to get away for a few days and I think the country air will do me wonders. I have deadlines for work coming up on the 14th of August so this is slightly before the mad rush begins. I haven’t gotten out a great deal lately since I spent so much time sick (and I’m still recuperating over that ordeal) and I have a feeling that the simple fact of ‘being home’ will do wonders for me. I’m incredibly excited about it, there’s plenty to take pictures of, wild life everywhere (my folks have raccoons and birds and squirrels etc that come to their back deck) a comfortable gazebo out back with lights and seating to relax and read in. I’ll be taking my laptop simply to check up on emails and twitters and I haven’t decided if I’ll blog yet, I probably will not. Expect lots of pictures to show up on ShutterCal though, I need to fill in my blank days.

Monday is a holiday here in Canada (Civic Holiday) but I’ll be coming back Sunday morning (I need to get groceries before the stores all close) so I still have two days of relaxation back in my own house before the hustle and bustle begins. It’s certainly been an interesting year.

Back to the game bits, I also played a little WoW yesterday, running a lowbie instance with a friend to work up my shamans skills, and then we did the graveyard instance of Scarlet Monastery. It was a lot of fun, and I inched my way to level 34. I don’t own a mount yet but apparently in patch 3.2 (due out in August?) mounts will be a LOT cheaper – so I’ve been holding off. Since I don’t dedicate too much time to playing I don’t have a great deal of coin, not to mention all of the alts. Ah those expensive alts. Maybe I’ll run a few more lower level dungeons just to find greens to sell. We’ll see.

In the mean time, MmoQuests may be quiet for a few days but at least it’s because I’m taking a nice relaxing break feeding squirrels and not because I’m in bed sick. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, and happy gaming no matter where you are!

Safe travels!

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  1. Nice photo :) I love seeing where other bloggers live and what live it like for them. I should take some photos of my home :)

  2. Ysharros says:

    For the loam thing, I entirely blame Tinkerfest. It may not be accurate, but blaming gnomes is usually a good bet since they’re almost always blowing *something* up, even if it’s not the price of resources. ;)

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