Guide spotting, and a run through Obelisk

I love guides. The program is great and while I may be slightly biased, it is one of those small details that get added to the game that add yet another dimension – and it’s volunteer work, which is important. It’s not often I happen to stumble upon a guide, but yesterday as I was working on chapter four updates and running to and from the guild hall I just about tripped over this cute little one standing on the docks in Antonica.

I hung around for a little while and talked away, they gave me some food and drink for my adventure (I didn’t happen to catch them while they were running a quest) and then I left back t my chapter quests. I love these sort of experiences, as rare as they may be.

After the fairly involved game day on Sunday, yesterday was quiet. It was not a bad thing, relaxing quiet days are great and since it was a holiday it was an added bonus. I managed to level my baby warden with Hamal for a little while, taking her from level 35 to level 42 without too many issues before she ran out of vitality. I decided to get her a few craft levels as well, I’ve been trying to reach level 50 sage on her so that she can craft those player written books that are costing me an arm and a leg to purchase at the moment if I want them blank. She’s sitting at level 38, so I don’t have too many more to go. Hamal, Ultann, and I also made our way to Ravenscale Repository to attempt to trio the final boss of the zone – no, it did not go well at all, but it WAS a lot of fun and even though we wiped (glorious wipes, all of them) it was a good learning experience. It’s been hard to get everyone together online, so I spent a little time on the other server playing my illusionist, a quick Obelisk of Ahkzul run was on the menu.

The group consisted of three troubadors, a fury, a shadowknight, and myself on my illusionist. I love groups that sway from the ‘norm’ and Obelisk is one of those forgiving zones that allow you to bring pretty much anything you want. Nothing of any real use dropped, but at least it was yet another shard to add to the collection! It’s very slow to work on my T2 set, but I’m enjoying myself at least!

I hope everyone else has a fantastic day, just think it’s already Tuesday! Before we all know it the weekend will be here once more. See you in Norrath!

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  1. Paken says:

    Heya Star,

    Yah I see these guides alot and always take time to chat to these interesting creatures. I then start asking then what is up and if they have any news about the game and usually they give me some hints. I then start telling them the lore of the game involved around thier hint too and they always react with surprise and astonishment of my knowledge of Norrath dates back to RL time of May 2000.
    I really enjoy this time too.
    I myself just finished the OOA part of Chapter 6 and thinking that I was done, I found out that had to now run to AOB to blow up that crystal….. The funny thing is I mentioned to my dear Ottawa friend called Grigorak and told him ARGH….. I just did that zone before grouping with my good eq2 friends and now I have to await until the next day. But Mightl Girgorak the Paladin said well first we do my RavenScale then OOA and then AOB !!! But but but I replied, let us do AOB first so that I can complete this before you. But the Mighty Grigorak alas went away laughling….. Later I found out that the AOB zone I just clear was still open to me to destroy !!! Silly Blonde Paken the happy but bored Inquisitor :)

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