A Mysterious Package (EQ2 Scavenger Hunt)

Stargrace peeked out the door of her humble inn, wondering who on earth was making all of the noise so late in the evening. The streets of South Qeynos were quiet aside from the occasional guard making their rounds. She didn’t see anyone – but an odd glow was coming from a wrapped package sitting on the stairs of her home.

“Er.. what on earth?” she mused out loud.

What was this? She poked at the oddly shaped package with a foot, expecting it to bite her or explode. Maybe it was some gnome invention left over from tinkerfest. She had no idea. The object was heavy, but she managed to struggle with it and plop it down on her dining room table with a sound ‘thunk’.

“Well now. What have we here..” The object was unlike any she had seen before. Perhaps others in Norrath would have some idea of what the object was. She made a note to herself to take it to the mage tower once the sun was up.

(( In my email last night, I recieved this mysterious image from one dark elf – a clue to the next portion of in game lore that players are to search for. Good luck with it! ))

5 Responses to A Mysterious Package (EQ2 Scavenger Hunt)

  1. bob says:

    don’t know what the runes are but looks like your shard fits to the right of the one on eq2wire


  2. Darkwalker says:

    Looks like it came from the people of Rime .. Maybe it broke off there slab of floating ice : ))

  3. Gotrik says:

    Its a “shard of velious”!!??

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