Still leveling in WoW

Since things have been so very busy I haven’t exactly had a great deal of spare time. I’ve taken to playing World of Warcraft in the few spare moments I have because it’s so simple to play and it allows me to shut off my brain completely for an amount of time. It’s never been my main game for that exact reason, too.

I own burning crusade (though I’ve never taken advantage of it aside from making a blood elf or two) but don’t currently own Wrath of the Litch King. I haven’t had any reason to buy it – for as long as I’ve played I’ve never made it past level 50 before. I’ve played off and on since release, so that may seem a little sad, but it’s just because I’ve been playing on a very ultra casual mode. Off a month on a month for four years.

A friend managed to drag themselves over to WoW with me for a little while, and we entered the recruit a friend program. Having bonus experience is nice. So far we’ve made it to level 50 – I have a now 51 priest, though she’s not especially well geared and I have no idea where I should be questing.

I’ve also got a 40 hunter, 40 shaman, and 36 mage. Those are my four alts – used mostly for crafting and farming (especially the hunter). The hunter and priest own epic mounts since I use them the most. Making money has been fairly simple the few times I actually played, if I don’t play of course it’s harder to make money (explains why I’m currently broke in EQ2 on the AB server too).

It’s been fun. Relaxing. It’s always nice to have a secondary game to fall back on when you just don’t want to think about anything at all.

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  1. Lomax says:

    I used to play WoW, starting at the release of the burning crusade so its been about three years now, recently stopped though due to the direction of the game, with the WotLK expansion its gotten very easy, and the cumulative result of so many nerfs to the gameplay (aggro being simplified, lots of AoE etc) killed it for me.

    But to comment on your progress so far a couple of things. Firstly if you power level or not its very hard to be geared in anything decent in the original Azeroth because most of the gear there not itemised for any particular class, that changes when you enter outlands onwards and the quality of the gear goes up massively (the only way to get decent gear in original Azeroth would be to run dungeons endlessly for the right drops, mind numbingly large amounts of runs would be needed).

    When you enter outland the game for me peaks, interesting designed zones, some hard quests to do and dungeons that are a challenge, unfortunately when you move on into WotLK the difficulty level takes a dive, at first I thought we’d got lucky when we ran some of them in 20 minutes with little effort, but that was to be the normal. The final change that encouraged me to quit was the latest patch, being encouraged to go back to run easy content over and over again is pretty boring, I’d sum up the WotLK expansion as a lot of artwork without much gameplay.

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