Stargrace’ Home gets some Love

When it comes to player housing, some times I am in the mood and some times I’m simply not. It’s usually directly related to my moods, and how restless I feel. When I can’t seem to settle down on a character (or server for that matter) and I have no idea what it is that I’d like to do, I turn to decorating. It’s one of those constants not to mention I find it very relaxing. There are any number of homes that I could work on, I like allowing every character of mine (and we all know that tends to be a lot) their own personal space, a place to drop off their trinkets and call their own. A few homes I deem “complete” but then new housing items come out and I need to re-do them (like the grotto event items).

Anyhow, last night was one of those nights so I decided to dive back in to decorating Stargrace’ humble two room East Freeport inn room. I’ve been working on her place off and on for a short while, I didn’t want to own another gigantic house, the few I’ve been decorating lately have all been on a smaller scale. With the expander items allowing you to place an extra 100 items there’s really no reason for me to place 600 items in a house any more unless I’m going to do a completely awesome one (like the Museum idea).

It was a nice quiet way to spend an evening, and thankfully I’m a carpenter so I didn’t have to spend too much money (of course I spent some). I managed to complete her kitchen and dining area (minus a few utensils) and now I just need an idea on what to do for the back room and bedroom. I was thinking of a garden using grotto items but I haven’t really decided yet.

Before I settled into the crafting niche I was working on language quests and Lore and Legend quests. I finally managed to complete the dreaded Naga Lore and Legend – one of those L&L that sit in my book for a number of days, months, and even years before I get around to doing it. I ran around Shimmering Citadel killing all of the undead Naga I could find, and ended up purchasing the final piece I needed (tongue) off of the broker for a few gold. I made a good amount of plat farming other bits and pieces while I tried to hunt down the few last pieces I needed. All in all it was a fairly productive evening.

I almost feel as though I am in limbo until GU53 comes out and the auto mentoring is in place (along with all of the other goodies). I don’t want to do too much because I love the idea of having things actually con to me again, and I am eager to see what new treats we get in game when this goes live. In the mean time, things are a little quiet. Not a bad thing by any means, but it does reduce the excitement of my posts slightly!

See you in Norrath!

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  1. Paken says:

    Heya Star,

    I finally got my little own guild called Aimless Wanderers to 30 and proceeded to get the Tier 1 Guild Hall which I can hardly wait to decorate !!!

    Here is the plan;

    GUILD HALL SETUP – Aimless Wanderers – Najena Server – FreePort – 24Aug09.

    If you see any construction going on, I am just playing seeing what works and what doesn’t work. Now that I have thought about it I have laid out a battleplan which is detailed below. I have metal walls to use for the Banker/Broker with the safes in behind which will work much better now.

    Once this place is done….. It will be the best T1 FreePort Guild Hall in the game !!!

    Bar/Aquarium in Center with the Merchant, Broker on one side and the Banker on the other side in their own special stalls. A total of 4 Guards will be standing on either side. There will be a daily double book, a book of Shard Armor Info, a book of all fabled items looted, a book of the guild level with status listed for each player monthly.

    Left Side
    1st Area – Library on first floor and on the 2nd floor, a relaxed reading room with trophies, Vampire Pictures and Special Pictures plus the StarMap.
    2nd Area – Music Area and stage area with some nice pictures.

    Right Side
    1st Area – SeaWorld type underwater Aquarium on first level and and enclosed wild animal viewing area on the 2nd area.
    2nd Area – Open Nature area with trees, water area, more animals plus some player mounts.

    Bottom Front
    My area – I will place all SandStorms HQs in this room and a personnal book on SandStorm.
    Bottom Back
    Your area – Prob a bloody mess if you ask me lol :)

    That is it folks. Enjoy this awesome PLAN matie aka Grigorak the Mighty Paladin :)

    Paken 80Myth Inq/80MasterProv, WinterHaven 80Myth Illy/80MasterSage,
    Morrow 80Fabled Conj/Tink and Sandstorm 80 Wizzie/MasterTailor.

  2. Sinnir says:

    Very nice! I’m in the same boat regarding GU53 I spose! Donno about another x4 but heh, I’m definitely looking foward to some of the other goodies tho!

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