Beginning to look a lot like Christmas (in my head)

I’m excited about Christmas already. I love the holidays. I love winter. I’m excited both in game and out. I’m already thinking of holiday songs and gifts and where I’m going to put my Christmas tree (both in game and out) and making people sick with my overly cheerful demeanor. It’s fantastic.

Hence the little stocking I added to my study in Stargrace’ home. Notice her collection of odds and ends that adorn the shelves. This is just another little portion of EQ2 that I love. Being able to show off accomplishments and world  events through housing items.

Statues of Antonia Bayle and Lucan D’Lere, statues from Beckett MOG issues, little trinkets from live events, all of it gets placed in my home as a reminder of goals and memories that I have in game.

Alright enough rambling (my posts are all rambling lately, I know). Yesterday – I prepared my mystic for some raids to get her mythical some time this weekend. Maybe. It will depend on luck. She’ll at least get leviathan and VP done (as well as either the troubador or illusionist I’m not sure which) and I’m excited about that. I did Obelisk of Ahkzul which did not drop my shield (I don’t think there is any such thing now) and that was pretty much the extent of my playing.

It’s Friday! Just one of those fantastic cheery days what can I say. I’ll try to post a few more thought provoking posts and some in-depth features next week. Maybe.

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