BaKawk! Questing as a Chicken

It’s been a few months since I’ve played Warhammer, I gave it a try when it released and I enjoyed the game (much as I enjoy most games) but as time went on and my friends moved on I decided I could no longer devote $15/m worth of time to it, and crossed it off of my list of active games. I entered a contest at Bio Break last week and was pleased to find out yesterday that I’d won a few goodies for the game, and just as my contest entry said I decided to activate it (even if only for a short while).

I have a small selection of destructi0n on Gorfang and one Arch Mage on Badlands (I think?). I had to reinstall the game to my new drive, and spent a few hours patching but it was no worse then any other game. I have kept up with the updates on a very small scale, so any chances were still pretty much new to me. When I reactivated the account I qualified for 10 free days, so I’m playing through those first.

I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to start over or try to pick up with one of my current characters. I’d only made it to level 11 on the zealot – I hate starting from scratch (especially since I had numerous low level characters and have played through those areas before many times). I logged in, found myself in the Inevitable City, found some new recruit quests which I promptly picked up and headed to Nordland (I believe). Surprisingly enough there was some major oRvR going on – which destruction was losing badly. We were out numbered and out maneuvered but it was still neat to mouse over the map and see 4-5 pockets of 10-25 people in battles.

I completed a few recruit quests, killed a few players – and along the way I dinged 12 which apparently crossed me into the “ack you’re too big to be here” line and I promptly turned into a chicken.

I remembered (though I’d never actually been one before) that turning into a chicken happens when you’re too high level for the pvp in the area – but I actually had no choice, my quests all required me to be in pvp areas exploring and checking on scouts. I was a little peeved that the quests required me to go to areas that I was too big for, but I decided I would just keep an eye out for mob encounters as well as pvp encounters, and try to finish the new recruit quests before moving on to a harder area.

Chickens don’t have much health, and they can’t use any of their spells. Since most of my quests were about scouting an area, I managed to complete them. I slowly remembered commands and how to play – even though I haven’t done a lot of actual casting yet, since I was a chicken the entire time.

Once my quests were completed I deleted a few other lower level ones and decided to head to Ostland, which I believe is the next quest area for my level. I picked up a few new zealot spells and made the long walk (as a chicken). I’m sure the people on the road who were walking with me were amused by my random clucking.

Will I stick with the game for any length of time? I haven’t decided but knowing my history I won’t. I’m still having a blast in EQ2 and passing time away until GU53 when achievements come out and auto mentoring. At least this gives me something to do in the mean time.

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