TSO Raids, Instances, and of course, FUN!

I’ll continue on with my ‘what’s coming in GU 53’ posts tomorrow (starting with the chronomagic hopefully) but for today I just wanted a nice easy post about what’s been going on in game for me. I know, how exciting eh?

Yesterday was fun, in a few different ways. I stuck up my LFG tag and someone sent me a tell immediately asking me: “have mythical?” and no more then that. I hate these types of groups with a passion. I don’t care what instance you’re trying to do, if you only think that you should group with uber elite people you’re missing out on so much of the game. I realize no one likes losing, but give people a chance and maybe they’ll surprise you.

My response to them was – yes, I have my mythical, but if that’s all you want in a group then it’s not the group for me, please take care.

I left it at that. Honestly, you can get your mythical and be a perfectly horrible gamer, it’s an expansion behind and while it may be the ‘best’ piece of gear out there still for players it is NOT a measurement of skill.

Instead I took an invite that was a bunch of level 65-70 people headed to Obelisk of Blight in Lesser Faydark. I hadn’t been to this zone with a group in ages, and I figured why not. I mentored down to 69 and we were off. We even had a few messy pulls, but I still had a better time in that lowbie group then I would have with the group that asked me earlier. Aside from my Obelisk experience I headed to Anathema which was the daily double, and completed it on both the mystic and the illusionist.

Yesterday night there was a Ward of Elements raid scheduled, so I decided to go on the illusionist. I had been there once before, and needed one more water essence in order to create the fabled circlet that can be combined with the T3 head piece. While we were there I also looted a few pieces of gear – the only down side is that I now need a grand total of 104 shards in order to upgrade from T1 to T2 and then to T3. I have shoulders, chest, legs, and helm patterns sitting in my bags. Combine that with the T4 pieces I already have (gloves, shoes, and bracer) and I’m not decked out too badly any more. The illusionist is in dire need of some new charms as well as a few jewelery pieces, but I’m coming along. I also grabbed a few aa, and I’m sitting at 165 now. Something to work on at least.

This morning I worked on Lavastorm quests, and I’ve finally maxed my faction out with the NPC’s on the docks and can purchase their goodies. It also means I can do the daily solo shard quest, which is an added bonus.

On top of all that, I made the decision to actually apply to my guild as a raider. For now I have been in the “friends and family” category, which means lots of groups within the guild and I was tagging along on raids when there was room, but I wasn’t actually a raider. These new responsibilities include raids four nights a week – which may seem like a lot, but raids are no more then 3 hours each of those nights, and you need to keep up 75% attendance.

I’m excited and stressed. I’ve mentioned this before but TSO raids are completely different then all of the other previous tiers of raids, and I haven’t been a raider since the beginning of RoK. There is so much curing that you have to do (self curing that is) you need potions on you constantly. There are so many detrimental spells to be on the look for, and so many ways to counter them. Cast a single spell while you’re under the influence of the wrong detrimental and you’ll wipe the entire raid. It’s very frustrating and honestly not the way I’d like to spend my time raiding. The guild I’ve joined up with are also quite used to these TSO raids, they’ve been doing them for months now and have cleared a huge amount of content where as I’m being thrust into it last minute without knowing quite yet what I am doing. Ups and downs, and that’s what comes with raiding honestly. We’ll just have to see how tonight goes! Hopefully I don’t get everyone killed a million times by forgetting what I’m supposed to do.

Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

P.S. Dang it why are my eyes ALWAYS closed in every screen shot I happen to take!

4 Responses to TSO Raids, Instances, and of course, FUN!

  1. tuvogg says:

    Building the perfect group may be needed for SOME zones, im thinking ones like Guk:Outer Stronghold or Palace of Ferzhul. But, i have to admit the silliest message I have ever seen in channels was “Deep Forge group forming, Myth only”ROFLMAO

  2. Cayenne says:

    Yeah another thing is building the perfect group. Whatever happened to tank, healer and some dps? No….now there has to be a tank, a certain type of healer, a bard, a regen, etc. Takes all the fun in winning out.

  3. Lovely looking gear :)

    And I’m with you on the measure of skill thing. I heard it’s even worse in WoW where you have to show people the achivement for having performed a certain raid before even joining the raid. Silly, silly. Another question I hate is when I invite people to join the group and they say “what classes do you have – I’m only joining if you have X, Y and Z” etc.

  4. Grump says:

    “Honestly, you can get your mythical and be a perfectly horrible gamer, it’s an expansion behind and while it may be the ‘best’ piece of gear out there still for players it is NOT a measurement of skill.”

    I hate pugs that tell me that an item is a measure of my skill, they are not worth my time.

    I know I am an good player, I am the fastest cure (bot) in the game and that’s not because of my mythical. I can cure an entire raid before the other players know what hit them. I am fast at the keys, I understand the game, I learn every encounter inside an out. And that’s why a majority of my equipped gear is Avatar gear.

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