Sebilis Hates Me

Last night was another one of those rare occasions when a few of us from Torrent Knights (my casual guild on Antonia Bayle) were actually around. Ultann was finished work, Hamal had the day off, and while Wpus was sleeping getting ready for another night, I was in game for once. Ultann suggested we head down to Sebilis, and take on the Spoor King who drops a very nice healer shield. I’ve posted before about my luck with shields – I simply have none. I’ve ran Obelisk of Ahkzul more times then I can count, and in all my raids and adventures the best shield I’ve managed to grab for this poor healer is one legendary from RoK that’s pretty sad looking.

Little did we know that the Spore King is actually on a pretty hefty timer, so while we did kill him once we made our way to the bottom floor of the zone – we waited around for another two hours and never saw him. Two other named respawned within that time frame and we had multiple encounters with other mobs, but alas, no Spore King.

I don’t mind camping mobs that have place holders – but I’m not really a fan of camping mobs on timers that take so very long. The same can be said about the Head Butler in Mistmoor Catacombs, back when EoF was the lead expansion that butler used to be heavily camped for his set piece (because he always drops it). He’s on a specific 1 hour timer, no place holder. I’d rather have a 15 minute timer with a place holder and have him be a rare spawn.

Maybe this is just my inner EQ player speaking up since I’m very used to the mob camping system from that game, but last night was pretty quiet. We cleared out the one room the Spore King spawns in and two rooms right next door. Before we headed to the zone I had to get some reet faction on my mystic because I’d actually never done the quests before, and the frogs that litter the basement all wanted to claw my eyes out. A quick kill-10 quest later and I was their best friend.

I’ve been working on my Norrathian Museum off and on, and I have been buying books to fill it up. It’s hard to keep track of what I already own and what I still need to purchase, and I’ve set myself with a spending limit because there’s no way I can afford to spend 1-10p per player written book unless it’s something I know is a masterpiece, then I may actually consider it.

I’m still trying to quest along, aiming for those 200aa. They’re going a lot slower now that I’ve hit the 180+ mark as expected. I do have until February, so it’s not as though I’m on any sort of time limit.

Tomorrow I’ll post “GU 53 Part III” which is going to include a deeper look into some odds and ends that are making their way to players later this month. I’m still very excited about this update, and I hope everyone else is too!

Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself, I’ll see you in Norrath!

2 Responses to Sebilis Hates Me

  1. The irritating thing with placeholders and mystery spawn timers is that you (yes, in this case literally you) cannot know what the rules are without consulting an out-of-game site. It’s doubly irritating for contested quest content where you’ve got to kill 12 quest mobs that share a spawn table and someone else can run in and cherry pick the mobs while you’re working on the place holders.

  2. Ferrel says:

    You really make me want to go back to EQ2! I hear about all these EQ1 places in the game now and it makes me extremely curious. I just can’t imagine doing it though.

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