Creating a Character

I love character creation. In pretty much any game no matter how large or small the options are, I love the way I can (at least some what) customize my character in order to suit my mood of the day (or some other theme I have going on). Yesterday I decided to play around a little more in Champions Online – I absolutely love their character creation, but at times it can leave me feeling a little lost, because my head is not already bursting with ideas for super heroes.

To the right is Silhouette.

I haven’t finished fleshing out a background story for her quite yet, but it certainly fit my mood yesterday and I had a lot of fun creating her. Once I was done character creation I popped into game intending on setting up the UI and key bindings to my liking, but for some reason it wasn’t recognizing that I wanted to bind the number pad 8 key to walk forward (or any other number pad key for that matter) so I quickly grew frustrated. Even though I’ve played quite a selection of games over the past few years I still like to play a particular way – in fact maybe even more so now because I’ve been playing for so many years and while a lot of the keys may not be similar, I am typically able to at least bind the movement keys into a comfortable position.

I am not your typical WASD gamer, I play with the number pad for movement (I also dislike mouse clicking) and switching takes time for me to get used to. Since I couldn’t seem to re-bind the keys last night (it simply wasn’t recognizing them, for whatever reason) I decided to log out early. It took me a few hours to create the character I wanted to begin with, so I was pretty tired by the end of it.

Champions Online is not my typical MMO. I’ve never been an enormous super hero fan – but I really do enjoy trying new things and I’m always pleasantly surprised when a game that does not fall under my ‘usual’ category ends up enticing me into playing for a length of time. The depth and time it takes for me to create a character certainly players into that, I can develop a sort of ‘bond’ with my character, and relate to her (no, I don’t dress all in black and red with chains wrapped around me and my eyes peeking out from a hooded mask but wouldn’t that be awesome?!) in some odd way.

It was still a relaxing evening, and I’m looking forward to exploring more today!

Happy gaming, no matter where it finds you.

3 Responses to Creating a Character

  1. Stargrace says:

    Thanks for the feedback! Odd though because I had numlock turned off already I’m pretty sure.. I’ll try it again tonight!

  2. Pete S says:

    Apparently if you toggle off numlock we can bind the keys. I’ll try it out tonight.

  3. Pete S says:

    I had the same problem with the numpad. The only key I was able to bind was numlock! Hopefully they’ll address that issue soon.

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