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Yesterday I spent most of the day at the cottage with family, so I didn’t play a lot of any game in particular, though when I came home I did get a little time in EQ2 before crashing for the evening. It was one of those absolutely beautiful days outside with no humidity, and I had a really good time. There was family gathered who I haven’t seen in 15 years or so. I had to leave a little early because I was feeling pretty sore, but I hope everyone still had a fantastic time.

Game wise things are a little all over the place right now. In EQ2 I’ve taken to leveling up my swashbuckler who is sitting at 74. I hate leveling through these levels, unless you quest grind there is no real nice way to gain experience (I’m waiting to do TSO dungeons when I’m 75 so I can pick up the shards for those zones too). I’ve been questing in Kunzar Jungle which nets me a fair bit of experience and the mobs are still yellow and orange to me. The swashbuckler is a completely different style of game play for me – I’ve always played support or healer classes. This is my first true DPS class and I find it refreshing.

I haven’t done any decorating in game, but I did take my mystic out and do the dwarven work boots heritage quest – mostly because she had the quest for the fabled version from Unrest forever. It was nice to get both of those quests out of the way.

Aside from that things have been quiet. Waiting for GU53 to go live, Wednesday all SOE games will be down for 12 hours for data base maintenance, so that will be another quiet day. I’m hoping to get a little more Champions time in, as well as Dungeons and Dragons Online and who knows what else.

I played some Neo Steam earlier this week and worked my little mechanist up to level 10, it’s very much a grind game but some times that’s what you’re looking for.

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. I quite enjoy the 70+ levels, I think RoK is a fun place. The levels I hate are around 55-60. Really don’t the desert zones.

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