Getting there slowly

Yesterday was a pretty progressive day, though not exactly in the ways that I had thought it would be. I decided to play my swashbuckler, struggling to get her past the 71-75 hump in order to be able to pick up shard quests for her (those daily quests give quite a fair amount of experience). Teaming up with a few people we wandered through Sebilis, getting discovery as well as fairly good experience, and a lot of aa from named. In fact the entire zone was empty the whole time we were there, which really surprised me. I know Sebilis is going to be undergoing a little bit of a make over as far as named and timers are concerned in GU53, and I guess now I can see why.

The swashbuckler struggled past level 73 Saturday, inched her way through 74 Sunday, and is now sitting at roughly 70% through level 75 thanks to doing a handful of shard quests in the Commonlands. Since she is on the same account as my mystic who has been hording shards forever, I had 40 of them already in my collection. I had another 40 but I used those to gear out my 80 defiler, also on the same account. Once this swashbuckler hits 80 that will be 10 (yes, that number is correct) level 80 characters. Probably a good spot to stop. I do love my alts.

There’s one benefit to having so many characters (aside from being able to fit into almost any group minus playing a tank role) and that is that when February finally comes around and the new expansion goes live (as well as an extra 10 levels) I’ll have a whole selection of characters to choose from depending on where my mood seems to settle at the time. There are a LOT of down sides to having so many characters (lack of achievements, lack of shard gear on some, etc) but since I’m not heavily raiding, and it’s so incredibly easy to level up, I figure why not.I love knowing the ins and outs of each class, and I think that I play all of them fairly well (healers and support stronger then dps and tanks for example).

I helped out part way with an Overking raid yesterday (pick up) but mid way through I was beginning to feel a little sick, so I had to call it early. It was still a fairly nice day and there’s still one more day left of this holiday weekend, which I will hopefully be able to take advantage of fully and game throughout. We shall see!

Happy gaming, no matter where it finds you this holiday Monday.

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