Anathema, again and again and again!

I was browsing through my screen shot folders and realized I have well over 2,000 screen shots from the last four years that I’ve been playing EQ2 (or is it 5 now? 5 this November? I always forget). Every once in a while I clean them out and move them from the EQ2 folder into another section, and I’m simply in awe over the fun I’ve had in this video game over the years. The people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made. It’s been fantastic.

Yesterday was a holiday here in Canada (as well as the US) and I spent it in game – almost all of it, which was wonderful and a lot of fun. The hot zone for the day was Anathema in Everfrost – the previous days it was Guk, which I didn’t get a chance to take advantage of. Anathema is fairly easy, and I ended up going to the zone three times. Once on my dirge / mystic with Ibeogur (berzerker) and Ultann (shadowknight) and another time with my warden, and the third time with my illusionist. The first time we went two fabled pieces that I had never seen before dropped, a ranged item for the dirge, as well as a caster / bard earring. I was hoping the healer necklace would drop but alas we would have to be content with the other two. Ibeogur also managed to get himself a very nice legendary cloak and inched himself closer to level 80.

The second time I went, another two fabled dropped as well as two master spells. The throwing item (which went to a bruiser) and – the healer necklace. Even though my mystic didn’t manage to get herself one my warden did, which is almost as good since the mystic is currently wearing the TSO blue shiny necklace.

The third time I went to the zone we didn’t see any master chests at all, and no fabled loot. I figure all my good luck must have worn off by that time. It was still a great way to spend an afternoon, I collected a handful of shards and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I’ve been working on gearing up my baby defiler who is lacking pretty much every slot of gear aside from her T1 set that she’s wearing. Since she hasn’t done a lot of quests that gives me a lot of options.

The swashbuckler also inched her way through the majority of levle 76, and is just 30% shy of 77. Before too long I’ll want shards for her gear as well. This will make my 10th level 80 character. I’ve been giving it some thought, and I’m not that upset over having 14 characters as I may have once been. It’s just my play style, and I don’t need to be the best or at the top of everything in order to be having a good time. I figure I’ll continue on with this play style until February when the new expansion hits, and then I’ll settle down to two characters (one per account). Of course I always say that and then end up with a million characters strewn about all over the place with no real decisive action. We will just have to see!

It was still a great way to end a holiday weekend, especially after having some fantastic time with the family earlier on. Now if only this Tuesday didn’t feel like a Monday! Happy gaming, no matter which realm you find yourself in, I’ll see you in Norrath!

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