Crucible, Obelisk, and Fun!

Yesterday was a good evening for gaming. Today all SOE games are down for a 12 hour database maintenance, so everyone was in game doing their thing. The daily double was Obelisk of Ahkzul, and the hot zone was Crucible. I picked up the quest for the daily double, but ran out of time before actually doing the zone, thankfully the quest stays in your journal for a little bit of time, so you can save it for another day. Maybe once the servers are up I’ll get a chance to do that today.

Crucible was very kind with the drops, a templar master dropped off of a mini named (the one that spawns before the real named in that room where you place the happy little trees?) – the fabled robe dropped off of the Master, and a fabled ring / earring dropped off of the final named in the zone which went to a bruiser. A good time was had by all, even if we didn’t do too much after that.

Before the instance runs I helped Ibeogur get level 80 on the berserker, and made him a full set of T1 and T2 shard gear – over 150 shards later, he was completely decked out. Now he just needs to work on that epic!

When I switched over to Kithicor from Najena (and a few other servers I was playing on) I also started playing on Oasis with some friends that I’ve known for quite some time. Instead of splitting my time between four or five servers, it’s down to two – Antonia Bayle, and Oasis. I decided to start a little guild on Oasis, just out of habit, and leveled to level 5 which is not that big of a deal at all but since I’m the only member it’s fun. I think a little place to escape to when you’re not really in the mood to deal with anyone is very important and not a bad thing at all.

Time to get back to the regular work grind for me, also, expect a few more Vanguard posts later this week if I can squeeze in the time!

2 Responses to Crucible, Obelisk, and Fun!

  1. Kasul says:

    I wanted to get into a Crucible group while it was the hot zone but hard when I was at work all day. Sounds like from your experience the Hot Zones are really Hot Hot Hot!

    Looking forward to hearing about Vanguard. I miss that game, the diplomacy was just so much fun.

  2. Paken says:

    The HotZone was wonderful for a second day in a row for me. 3 MasterChest dropped and with it 2 master spells and the Master Robe also. I am still having problems burning those darn books but I worked out a great strat for it.

    Anyway after that we went to the DD of OOA and proceed to easily do this zone. Off course with OOA you have to do AOB so we did that as well and came out with 8 shards. In the last player hour we tried out labs in the fens and failed on the name that spawns adds. OH well. Next time.

    Tonight is a break as there will probably be many problems with that 12 hour server patch so what is the point in playing.

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