A Little of This, a Little of That

Yesterday for most of the day, The Crucible was the hot zone. However at around 5pm PST or so it switched over to Scion of Ice. I ended up going with my (VERY) under geared defiler, so under geared she wasn’t wearing anything at all except her T1 set which only has 70 power per piece (why on earth it’s that low for a healer I have no idea). I quickly bought a few crafter made bits off of the broker and off I went. We didn’t do too badly, the illusionist and conjuror died twice but that was it. A fabled helm from the final named (near the entrance) was our reward besides a lot of legendary chests. Nothing I could use, but at least I got a few shards.

This morning I ran all of the Commonlands instances, and gained a handful of shards. I’ve been trying to level the swashbuckler but it’s going incredibly slow. She crawled to level 77 this morning. I really dislike having to quest through the levels in content that I’ve done 9x already now. RoK quest grinding is a complete turn off.

Aside from my quick instance runs I have been drifting away from the game a little while I wait for the next game update. There are so many other games going through exciting times right now (Champions release, Aion release, Fallen Earth, DDO going F2P, Wizard 101 having their first birthday just to name a few) that my attention is diverted between a little bit of everything. I always wander back to EQ2, but in the mean time the little bit of a break has been refreshing. More often then not I sit around in game unsure of what it is I want to do. I hope that when achievements come out a lot of people will be going back to older content and completing raids and instances that they may not have otherwise explored. I’ll just have to see how it goes I guess!

Happy Friday to everyone, I hope your weekends are fantastic, and you get to spend them doing whatever it is you’d like to do! I’ll see you in Norrath.

2 Responses to A Little of This, a Little of That

  1. Stargrace says:

    They are zombies, from the TSO instance ‘Halls of the Fallen’ in Commonlands, hehe.

  2. Are those… zombies?! Awesome! :)

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